May 03, 2023

Crafting Wishlist Explosion Box

This year we have a lot of long weekends but we just stayed home, by choice. I already set my mind that we won’t have any travel this year, in short naka-mindset na. And because I am not traveling, I can focus my time on crafting so since last month, I’ve been joining Bee Happy Crafts Weeklies. So far, I’ve made a total of 8 projects and the deadline is not yet over so let's see if I can still do one more project before the due date. 

Anyway, last long weekend, we did not go out so I just spent my time doing crafts. I made Purse Gift Card Holder and Woman’s Gift Tag and yesterday, I finished my Crafting Wishlist Explosion Box. I am exploring how to make an explosion box so this time, 3 layers na. 

If there are Wedding Gift Registry or Baby Gift Registry, I’ve made my own version which is the Bee Happy Crafts Gift Registry so my box includes some of the crafting machines, tools, and supplies that I’ve been dreaming of. The product ranges from budget-friendly to expensive one. This explosion gift box is very useful especially to my husband because hindi na siya mahihirapan pa mag-isip. He no longer needs to ask me what I want to receive, nasa box na. Hehehe!

On my first day, I cut the explosion gift box template and I also print and cut the photos of my wishlist. The following day, I made the Crafting Gnomes, both male and female, the Square Box with Sliding Lid and assembled the gift box. 

I’m glad that I can already make an explosion box, thanks to my cutting machine and template, hindi na mahirap magcut. You can check the video on my Instagram. 

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