May 16, 2023

Weekend Getaway in Kristiansund Norway

I am taking a break from crafting so I can finish my backlogs. This has been on my draft for four years already and for some reason, nalilimutan ko tapusin. Nevertheless, let me try to refresh my memory. 

Four years ago, my mom and aunt were planning for our Kristiansund trip and they already set a date for our weekend trip. The first week of May came and it’s been snowing and raining so they canceled our trip. Two weeks after, the weather was still not good but rain or shine, we pushed our trip because we were running out of time. We only had a few weeks left for our summer vacation in Norway. 

We were not able to leave early because my mom was still working so after her working hours we immediately went to the Ferry Terminal so we won’t miss the boat. 

Scandic Kristiansund 

We traveled for almost 5 hours but it was not a boring trip because of the beautiful scenery. We arrived at Scandic Kristiansund in the evening but since we are in Norway, the sunset is late. This hotel is located in the heart of the town so it is near the tourist spots, harbor view, and airport. 

Dinner at Bella Napoli 

After check-in, we went out for dinner and we were able to see some tourist spots like Sundbåten, Herring Boy and Klipsish Woman

We ate dinner at Bella Napoli. It was already late and the weather is still not good so we went straight to the hotel to rest. 

Walking Tour at Kristiansund 

The following day, after breakfast we had a quick walking tour at Kristiansund. It just so happened that we saw a flyer in the lobby so we decided to explore the city before our check-out. We were able to visit the following places. 

Byfossen 1742-1992  
Kirkelandet Kirke  
Varden Utkikstårn  

Atlantic Ocean Tunnel and Atlantic Ocean Road 

And of course, the main reason for this trip is to see the Atlantic Ocean Road, I only see this in pictures so I am really glad that I finally visited the place. On our way to “Atlanterhavsvegen” we passed the Atlanterhavstunneien or Atlantic Ocean Tunnel. It is an undersea tunnel that connects Kristinasund Municipality to Averøy Municipality. 

The Atlantic Ocean Tunnel is one of the deepest undersea tunnels in the world with 250 meters in depth and 5,727 meters long that runs beneath the Bremsnesfjorden

The Atlantic Ocean Road is an 8.3-kilometer road that was built on several small islands and skerries. It connects Kristiansund and Molde. This road is considered a National Tourist Route and cultural heritage site. If you watched James Bond's “No Time to Die” movie then you are familiar with this road.

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