May 19, 2023

World’s Best Road Trip at Atlantic Ocean Road

The Atlanterhavsvegen or Atlantic Ocean Road was opened in 1989 and is considered a National Tourist Route, World’s Best Road Trip, and a cultural heritage site. It is an 8.3 km road that connects Averøy to the mainland with a total of eight bridges over a series of islets and skerries. 

This road is only 8.3km so it was just a short trip but of course, in order to enjoy the experience, you need to stop and enjoy the magnificent view. As you pass the Lauvøysund Bridge, Lauvholmen Bridge, Geitoysund Bridge, Storseinsundet Bridge, Hulvågen Bridges, and Vevangstraumen Bridge, there are four resting places and viewpoints where you can stroll, take pictures or have a snack. 

This road is a popular site for automotive commercials and even for movies because it is one of the shooting locations of “James Bond’s No Time to Die” movie. And because it became popular with tourists, natives opened restaurants, accommodations, fishing, and scuba diving resorts. 

Storseisundet Bridge is the longest among the eight bridges of Atlantic Ocean Road, it connects Hustadvika Municipality and Averøy Municipality. It is 260 meters long. 

I will share some trivia that was posted in their resting places. 

* During the six-year construction period, the workers endured a total of twelve hurricanes. The road was opened on July 7, 1989

* The Atlantic Ocean Road was voted Norway’s Construction of the Century in 2005. 

* National Tourist Routes offer spectacular and varied drives. Eight of the 18 routes selected as National Tourist Routes are located in this area, and they make for unique driving experiences. The area’s sheer mountainsides, magnificent glaciers and waterfalls, deep fjords, and rugged coastline allow you to experience the very essence of the National Tourist Routes. 

Aside from the Atlantic Ocean Road, here are some sights that you can visit in Averøy, Eide, and Fræna.

1. Bud is a fishing village in Fræna municipality. It is a paradise for those who love nature and fishing. A child-friendly village with several apartments and boathouses for rent. 
2. Bud Museum Ergan Coastal Fort and Culture Center is a German coastal fort that today is a war memorial museum. 
3. Kvernes Stave Church is one of the youngest Norwegian stave churches. 
4. Old Kvernes Rural Museum is an open-air museum. 
5. Halås Gårdsutsalg is a farm shop and bed and breakfast. 
6. Derinngarden is a farm shop and cafe. 
7. Håholmen is an 18th-century fishing village with original wharves, traditional fishermen’s shacks, and a bakery. 

I'm so thankful to God for giving us good weather because it's been raining since we left the house but no more rain when we drove to Atlantic Ocean Road. 

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