October 26, 2023

6 Christmas Money Holders

We have no internet since Monday and we just found out na kami na lang ang walang internet. Our internet provider closed our ticket because the internet connection was restored in our area last Tuesday. But we still don’t have internet so we need to file a new ticket. Sa totoo lang nastress na ko, sino ba naman ang hindi need ng internet.

It was funny because out of the blue, my son asked me “kung nagbayad daw ba ako ng internet:” lol. Feeling ba niya naputulan kami ng internet? Hehehe! Anyway, nagpaload na naman ako para lang may internet, grr… If tomorrow, hindi na ko nakapagblog, it means, ayaw ko na magpaload. 

I am trying my best to blog this week because starting this Saturday, semestral break na and my mom will also stay in our house next month so I don’t know if I have time to blog or craft; family time first.

Anyway, next on my Christmas Craft Projects is Christmas Money Holders. I was so busy last year that I had no time to buy gifts so these money holders saved me. So just like my other craft projects, I only have photos as souvenirs but I am planning to recreate this project because this is so easy to cut and assemble. 

The Christmas Money Card Bundle has 6 designs, Santa Claus, Snowman, Elves, and Gingerbread. For the Santa and Elves, you need to change some layers to draw before cutting or you can manually draw the eyes and lips. 

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