October 18, 2023

Cute Monster Candy Holder

I’ve blogged about Halloween Lollipop Holders and Halloween Chip Bag Treats and now let me share two candy holders that I’ve done. I made these not because I need them for a project, it is just that I find them too cute. How I wish my son was still in his toddler years, I’m pretty sure he will enjoy these candy holders. 

Monster Face Treat Box 

I seldom make boxes but when I saw these Monsters Face Treat Box, I wanted to try it. Even though, I don’t have candies or chocolates that I can put in the box. You can find the design file on Craft with Sarah's website. 

Monster Candy or Money Holder 

I bought packs of candies and chocolates for my son’s Entrepreneur Class and I am aware that we still have leftover chocolates because hindi naman niya dinala lahat. So I also made these Monster Candy Holders but after making the project, I found out na wala na pala yung iniisip ko na chocolate. Kinain na pala ng anak ko, maswerte pa ko na may naiwan na isa. Hehehe! Anyway, I can also use this as a money holder. 

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