September 19, 2012

Buying Food at Street Fairs

Street fairs and farmers market have become incredibly popular over the last few years.  It seems like every weekend there is a different street fair or market where you can go and buy great things.   In fact, many communities have started regular weekly street fairs and farmers markets that draw large crowds.  Here are some things to think about when buying food at these events.

Support Your Local Community

The great thing about these local markets is that they really support the local community.  These markets are staffed by vendors who usually grow or produce their food locally, and the market may be the main way they sell their produce or other items.   As a result, when you buy from them, not only are you buying locally grown produce (which is very popular now as well), you are also supporting a local business. 

Great Fares!

Many of these markets also offer some great eats!  With the new trend of foodtrucks sweeping the nation, you can find some great gourmet food served out of a van at these fairs and markets!  Many vendors also sell their food, produce, and sauces so that you can take them home and make them yourself in the comfort of your own kitchen. 

The Drawbacks

The biggest drawback of these street fairs and farmers markets is usually the price of what you are going to buy.  Prices at these markets typically tend to be higher than at stores in town, or national chains.  The reason is that these vendors typically don’t benefit from cost savings that large stores benefit from.  The can’t scale well and don’t realize a lot of cost savings as a result.  As such, you as the consumer pay more.

Also, you typically can’t find any discounts, like net voucher codes, which you could find for regular grocery stores or other online shopping.  This also makes the cost of shopping at a farmers market higher than a regular store.