September 01, 2012

Viaje del Sol: Café Lago and Sampaloc Lake

My mom wanted me to visit my grandmother every month so starting this year again I do visit my grandmother every month but because of busyness sometimes we only stay for few hours but if we’re not in a hurry we will sleep there, if you remember my term “eat, sleep and run”.  But before we go home we try to visit one place listed in Viaje del Sol so two weeks ago we were able to visit Café Lago and Sampaloc Lake.

Again, we don’t know how to get to Café Lago so we used the GPRS to get there. We’ve been following the GPRS but we’ve been running around in circles and we can’t find our destination. According to GPRS, we’re one minute away to Café Lago but we feel that we’re lost so we stopped using the GPRS and asked for directions, lagpas na pala kami. When we reached Café Lago, we checked our location in GPRS and we found out that GPRS is not 100% accurate but it is still helpful.

Sampaloc Lake, with circular shoreline of about four kilometers, is situated right in the heart of the city and a stone's throw away from the city capitol compound. It has a maximum depth of 27.6 meters at the center and an average depth of 20 meters. It has a calculated volume of water in storage of  14.1 million cubic meters. Its narrow water head is planted mostly with coconut trees. In an east side is an outlet with a low outflow of water while a number of clear springs mark the lake shore area. 

Café Lago is a small restaurant just in front of Sampaloc Lake. Good thing that we went there early because after few minutes, 21 people came in to eat their lunch. The group came from Casa San Pablo which I also plan to visit, someday. While waiting for our order we took some pictures.

We ordered Fern “pako” salad P150 and Crispy Binagoongan P245. My husband enjoyed his Fern Salad and even my son ate it. Crispy Binagoongan is just ok for me.

Café Lago
San Pablo, Laguna
Contact # (049) 573-7404; 0922-8217931
Weekends: 7AM to 10PM
Weekdays: 10Am to 9PM
GPS: 14*04'34.71''N 121*19'31.11''E


  1. Very pretty.

    Di pala reliable ang GPRS. =(

    1. ay GPRS pala, napagoogle pa tuloy ko ng difference ng GPS and GPRS. hehe! thanks!

  2. hahahahaha ... yung lugar maam michi simple lang noh PERO mganda :)

  3. Ako naman gusto ko isa isahin yung mga paliguan dyan sa laguna! hehe! mahilig kasi mag swimming mga pamangkin ko e. Yung Sitio de Amor diba kasama sa Viaje del sol? Baka pang day trip lang kami dun. Nag inquire ako dati medyo mahal pag nag stay pero baka pag napag ipunan e makapag stay maski one day lang.

    1. naku, ang dami resort sa laguna. hehe! yung sa viaje del sol nga, di ko alam kung mapuntahan ko lahat. hehe! yung iba kasi parang di ko rin type puntahan.

  4. Wow, I never knew cafe lago is also part of the viaje del sol tour! that means 3 na pala napuntahan ko na resto sa viaje del sol :)