September 07, 2012

Home Office

A few weeks ago my husband asked me if I want to have a vanity dresser and I said no. You may find it weird because I’m a woman and most of the women love to have a vanity dresser but if there is one thing that I really want to have is a home office. Not because I really work at home but I want to have my own space where I can spend my free time.

A nook where I can read magazine and books, surf net and write blog posts, create craft or anything under the sun. It is a combination of library, home office and reader’s nook.

I was reading an article and according to Zimmerman, here are the important things that we need to consider in designing our home office.

Determine our needs – Do we need computers, storage, meeting space or project station?
In our case, we have our own laptops, one for hubby, one for me and one toy laptop for my son so we need at least two spaces for computers. We need storage for papers, mail, bills and a place for the telephone.  A small square table will do in our home office just in case my son needs to do some project or group projects.

Pick a location - It is my dream to convert our guestroom to a home office.

Develop a Plan - I’m saving this photo for my future home office. I want something like this. I’m not sure if I need to hire an interior designer or I could hire someone who can do my own designs with less professional fee. But according to Zimmerman, it is good to hire a professional designer to help you in planning. Some online shops like Office Furniture Express offer free consultancy service. How I wish we also have free consultancy here in the country.

Create a Healthy Environment – this is very important because my son will also use this room so I need to ensure that our future home office would be safe and comfortable for everyone.

Define a Place for Who You Are – I remember when I was still working we are limited to display 3 personal items like a photo frame, pen holder and paperweight. One advantage of having your home office is you can personalize you working space; you can do whatever you want
How about you? Do you want to have a home office?


  1. wow pag nANalo ako sa lotto .. papagawa ako nito :)

  2. I want an office slash craft room. =)

  3. Yes, our guest room is quite my home office , but masyadong makalat of tools for making card. Hi hi

  4. Ang kailangan ko e isang room na maraming cabinets para sa mga kalat ko. hihihi!

  5. What I mean by "kalat" e yung mga anik anik ko na pinagbibili wala ng mapaglagyan. hehe!

  6. .. consider ergo in your design, it make all of you injury free while working... i think it will be fun to have that around your house... :D

    ...anyway, what I want is a mini library with very comfortable couches, very soft carpets, throw pillows where I can spend my time for reading... i bet i can stay there the whole day.. :D