September 04, 2012

Chores for Kids

I only have one kid but I don’t want to spoil him so even he is still in toddler age, we still give him responsibility. Simple responsibility or chores that is appropriate to his age and strength. I found this photo and so far my son is doing most of the listed chores.

He can keep his own toys even it took him forever to finish. I try not to help because in school they are responsible in keeping all their activities, snacks and others so consistency is important.

If he wants to sweep the floor, I let him then I will just do it again.

He can put dirty clothes in the hamper.

He can put clothes in the washing machine.

He can remove clothes from the hanger and sometimes he helps me in folding clothes but of course I have to repeat it again.

Every time I hang our clothes, he gives me hanger.

He always helps me whenever I bake, he helps me mixing the batter or he put baking paper in our muffin tray.

He helps his dad in washing the car.

He also helps his dad in removing weeds.

He knows how to wipe his own mess.

One month to go and he is turning four years old so I need to add more chores. 

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