May 29, 2013

Where to Find Home Decorating Ideas?

When I was a kid, I love browsing a home magazine, I don’t know why but maybe because we don’t have a place that we can really call our home. Since I don’t live with my parents, I experienced living with my aunts and grandmother’s house. 

Of course, every kid loves to have a home but in our case, I know that it is impossible so I just dream that someday I will have my own home. God is good because now I’m living my dream but of course the house is not yet fully furnished so I’m still busy searching for different home decor ideas.

I find different home ideas in 

1. Magazine 

I love reading and browsing home magazines like Real Living and IKEA Magazine. When I was a kid, my aunt used to work in Saudi Arabia and she always brings home IKEA magazines which I never get tired of browsing whenever we visit her but that was years ago. 

2. Store

Even I have no plan of buying, I do check home depot, home plus and others just to see their display. If there’s IKEA here, I’m pretty sure that I will be a regular visitor.  

3. Television

If I have time I do watch shows that feature home make-over, whether local or international show. 

4. Websites 

I know there are several websites and blogs about home living, home designs, and home make-over but my favorite is Pinterest because it leads me to different websites. I enjoy pinning pictures for future use.


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  2. Lifestyle network always have good home decorating shows. I also like watching those. =)

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