May 26, 2013

Tips on How to Plan Your Travel Itinerary

I enjoy planning for future trips. I have a long list of “dream destination” so searching and planning will never stop. I’m not a full-pledged traveler but I will share with you how I plan our travel trips.

1. Destination 

Since I already have a bucket list I’ll just check my list and choose which destination we want to go, domestic or international. 

 2. Date 

It is important to know the date of our vacation so it would be easy for me to book just in case there is seat sale. Most of the time I choose those special dates like birthday and anniversary so we have reason to spend. 

3. Days of Vacation 

Overnight? 3days? or 1 week? This will help you in planning your itinerary. You have to list the “must visit places”, “must try food” and possible places that you can visit just in case you have spare time.

4. Budget 

We always have a budget whenever we travel to avoid overspending. The budget is not that strict because sometimes we splurge too. Of course, we want to enjoy our travel.

5. Accommodation 

Hostel or hotels? Sometimes choosing for accommodation is not easy because there are several choices but take your time to read reviews, blogs, and forums. Consider the location and budget.

6. Plan your itinerary 

Planning an itinerary is very personal because it depends on your preference and lifestyle. Some prefer luxury trip and some prefer traveling on a shoestring. Whatever you prefer it is best to search and read, you can check tripandtravelblog to help you in planning a trip. Hope this helps.

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  1. kaya nga ikaw taga plano ko eh:)

  2. Super tamad ako mag plano ng itinerary. I just tell my husband the places I want to visit para siya na mamroblema :))

    1. Lucky you! Si hubby kasi ang wala interest sa ganyan so ako lahat. Ni hindi nga niya binabasa itinerary ko, he will just ask what time ang alis? =)