May 02, 2013

Iron Man 3

Yesterday was Labor Day and we went to the mall to pay our bills, do grocery and of course, watch Iron Man 3. My son loves Ironman and Avengers but honestly, I haven’t watched Iron Man 1 and 2 before Iron Man 3. I watched some parts of the movie because my husband and son watched it at home for the nth time.

I enjoyed the movie, so after watching Iron Man 3, I watched Iron Man 1 and later I will watch Iron Man 2. I love Tony Spark already. After watching the movie, we ate our lunch at Shakey’s. We ordered our all-time favorite Bunch of Lunch, Mojo’s and Dip, and my son requested for Raisins Ala Mode. 

1 comment:

  1. I was not able to watch the first two movies prior to watching Iron Man 3, nevertheless I really enjoyed the movie. I ended up downloading the previous two movies, but neither thrilled me as much as the third one. Still, Tony Stark rocks! \m/