June 06, 2013


It was my husband’s birthday yesterday and as usual he has no plan on how to celebrate his birthday. I always ask him what his plan for his birthday and pabago-bago ng isip. After two months, he filed one vacation leave so I became busy searching for place or restaurant where we could celebrate his birthday. But none of my plan materialized because he needs to renew his driver’s license and Wednesday is coding day.

So what happened yesterday? When my son woke up we gave our surprise DIY card

Ethan: Surpise! Happy Birthday!
Daddy: Thank you! Did you make this?
Ethan: Yes.
Daddy: Where’s my gift?
Ethan: Effort.
Daddy: Where’s my cake?
Ethan: We’ll buy cake.

(Dami hinahanap ng birthday celebrant)

Then I prepared “Baked Eggs” for breakfast. 

My husband and son went to tutorial class and after one hour we ate lunch already. Then my husband went to LTO to renew his license and we became busy baking Chocolate Buttemilk Cake and Cupcake + Best Frosting. Akala kasi ni hubby wala kami cake for him. Honestly, it’s been years since the last time I made a cake so super effort talaga ito. It took me more than two hours to finish everything and here’s the result. (bawal ang negative comment. Hehehe!)

It may not look good but it is yummy. I put all the candles and my son dumped the chocolate chips. We’ve been waiting for my husband at natutunaw na icing so I placed it inside the fridge at 48yrs siya sa LTO.

When my husband came. S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E!

After the blowing event off we went to Tagaytay with no definite destination and we ended up in Tootsie’s Tagaytay for our dinner. 


  1. ang sweet! talagang effort gumawa ng cake kahit di ako marunong.. mukhang mahirap gawin...

    Happy birthday kay manong ariel, in fairness, nagreply naman at nag thank you sakin, lam ko last year deadma lang. hahaha!

  2. Regardless ano itsura, it's the effort that counts! happy birthday to your husband!