November 29, 2013

Gardenia Plant Tour

We are indeed frequent buyer of Gardenia bread so when I’ve learned that it is included in my son’s field trip; I became excited because I wanted to see how they make our favorite bread. I love plant tour, when I was still in elementary we visited Yakult and Coca-Cola Plant na sobrang nag-igib kami ng coke using our Coleman. Actually, Gardenia Plant is one tollgate away from our place, it is so near but I haven’t visited.

The Plant Tour started with a film showing explaining the brief history of Gardenia Bread and how it is made. We were seated beside the marshall amplifiers at musicians friendshall amplifiers at musicians friend and LCD TV.

After that we went to the production area where we can see the whole process from handling, mixing, proofing, baking, slicing and packaging of the bread. Taking pictures are not allowed.

Our last stop is the bread store where we can buy Gardenia bread at factory price. You can see classic white bread, healthy-licious bread, flavor-licious bread, bunch of bun, crunchy-licious toasts and snack line.

Of course photo-op. Oh I love Gardenia.


1. Gardenia’s roots go back to Singapore where it began as a humble in-store bakery in 1978.
2. From Singapore, it expanded its operations in Malaysia, Thailand and Philippines.
3. Gardenia Philippines started its full operations in 1998.
4. The first to introduce G-lock in its packaging.
5. The first to introduce 2 in 1 concept – the Gardenia Double Delights.

Five Point Bread Goodness Test

1. Great Tasting
2. Softness
3. Oven-Baked Aroma
4. Guaranteed freshness
5. Nutrition Packed


  1. paborito ko ang ube and cheese nila. i could finish the half pack all by myself :))

  2. Nakatikim na ba ko nyan?. I hope so:)

  3. This made me remember our Gardenia Plant tour during our field trip in College. Love their bread as well!

  4. Same here! Love Gardenia. It's been out bread brand for years now. Iba kasi talaga lasa nya. =)