November 22, 2013

What is Ultraviolet B (UVB) Phototherapy

Having psoriasis is not easy, though I have this skin condition for more than a decade. There are still times that I feel depressed especially if I’m flare up. I shared my frustration and depression last September because I really don’t know when I will be ok. I have so many sleepless nights and crying nights because of psoriasis. Thank God! I’m ok now, 95% clear. I hope my remission would be long.Though I have black spots all over my body, but it is still better than itchy red spots.

After 19 sessions +methotrexate, I’m happy that my phototherapy session is now over. I started last September 14 and my last session was November 20, it is more than two months of going to hospital three times a week for 5 weeks and once a week for one month. Actually, it became a routine already so after school my son always asks me if we will go to hospital. #nasanayna

I’m happy that phototherapy helps me in clearing my lesions, at least hindi nasayang ang effort and money. My doctor recommend this last summer but I did not do it because I know that it is time consuming and very expensive treatment. As I mentioned you have to go to hospital 3 times a week or it depends on your doctor’s recommendation. 

It is expensive because the rate per session is P845 (Asian Hospital) even it is only 2 minutes, you have to pay P845. My initial time is 2 minutes and they increase it every session. I stop at 15 minutes to avoid sunburn. It took weeks before I can see the improvement. Anyway, before I started my phototherapy, staff gave me a paper for more information. Sharing with you the details below.

This is where I stay for fe minutes every session.

UVB (ultraviolet B light) is the most common form of phototherapy used to treat various skin diseases including psoriasis, eczema, and itching. You will be exposed to this high-energy UV light for a varying length of time. This treatment is not a cure but can effectively control or improve your disease. Patients have used this treatment successfully for many years and often are able to maintain clearance of improved skin over extended periods of time.

Each condition and patient will vary in the number of treatments needed per week and the time it will take to reach clearing. Most patients require 3 to 5 treatments each week to clear lesions. Typically, treatments start only a few seconds of light exposure and increase gradually as determined by the staff. It may take 15-25 treatments or longer to improve your disease. Not all patients will clear completely. Many patients go into remission and may then stop tretaments.

The expected benefits of phototherapy are:

1. Improvement of existing lesions;
2. Reduction of new lesions;
3. Remission- in many cases phototherapy has resulted in a near-total clearing of the disease process. The duration of this reission varies with each patient. Maintenance therapy may be required.

Risks and side effects of phototherapy

1. The most common side-effect of this therapy is UVB-induced sunburn. This may occur anytime during therapy. Certain drugs may also cause you to get sunburn. Please let your doctor/nurse know any medications you are taking or any that you begin while undergoing therapy.
2. It is possible with any form of UV light than an increased incidence of skin cancer may occur late in some patients, usually only with many light treatments.
3. UV treatments may cause dryness and itching.
4. UV treatments age the skin over time and may increase preckles and pigmentation of the skin.
5. Ultraviolet rays may damage the eyes and increase your risk of cataracts. This is preventable with protective eye goggles worn during the treatment.
6. UV light may cause flare of fever blister and mouth sores in susceptible people.
7. Long term UV exposure to the unprotected genital area in men may cause an increase in genital cancer. Therefore all men will wear an athletic supporter while in the light box.
8. UV light may cause exacerbation of other medical condition such as lupus erythematosus, which have sensitivity to UV wavelength.


  1. This is a very good improvement. I'm happy for you... Magandang Christmas gift yan. ^_^

  2. Buti naman dear. Hope it wont come back again...