November 08, 2013

Holiday Options: Staying in a Hotel vs Roughing It

So you've decided to go away on holidays. If budget is an issue, the traditional option has always been to roll up your tent and bedding and set off on a camping trip: after all, you get the Great Outdoors, at a fraction of a price of a hotel stay.

But is this always true? With so many hotel discounts and offers available online these days, it’s easier than you may think to find hotel deals which won’t force your budget out of the window. So should you stick with the creature comforts on holiday and opt for cheap hotels over low-cost campsites?

Cheap Versus Cheapest

In terms of cost, camping is a winner. You can find incredibly cheap camping grounds all over the place and these often include basic amenities such as water, toilets, showers and even electricity supply for well-provisioned parks. On the other hand, it’s always worth seeing what kind of roof you get over your head by using comparison websites, and looking at cheap B & B options, as well as low-cost hotel chains.

Luxe Versus Rustic

When you're sleeping on dirt there's no room for glamorous affectations or fussiness. In terms of sleeping arrangements, it's basically a 'like it or lump it' situation. Lumping it generally means sleeping on whatever’s lying on the ground, but for nature-lovers, the bonus is waking up to marvel at the magnificent countryside scenery.

If on the other hand, you believe a holiday is all about fluffy bathrobes and hot running water on-hand, you may be surprised at the level of luxury you can afford. Book last-minute, or hunt out hotel vouchers, and you could be sunning yourself in a Spanish resort within a matter of weeks. And if you check out all-inclusive deals, these sometimes include dinner, entertainment, and drinks as well.

Unwelcome Visitors

If you camp, you can enjoy the whole remit of camping activities like canoeing, hiking, bouldering, cycling and so on. It’s unsurprising that many families enjoy this kind of break. But what happens after nightfall?

In parts of Europe, the Americas, and Australia; poisonous, predatory or just plain terrifying creatures will try to share in the warmth of your bed, or take a bite out of you. If you prefer a more benign type of visitor, try a hotel. You may get disturbed by a cleaner attempting to enter at the wrong time, but that's all.

In conclusion, pick your accommodation carefully. If you’re the outdoorsy type, it may be that you’re happy to disregard the less pleasant side to camping, in favor of a bit of low-cost fresh air. But if relaxation equals comfort in your mind, try shopping for a hotel deal first before you that a smaller budget means you can’t afford some time by the pool.

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