November 01, 2013

Duncan Hines: Devil’s Food Cupcake

Semestral break is ending soon and so far I’m stuck at home since Sunday, as in maski sa labas ng main door namin ay di ko natatapakan. Hehehe! Holiday = household chores so I became busy cleaning the house in preparation of Christmas season. Halloween is over so hindi na “in” ang mga spider web sa ceiling namin. Well, I’m not finished yet because half of the house is waiting for me to clean and declutter. Whew! Isipin ko pa lang napapagod na ko.

Anyway, since I’m just at home sinipag na rin ko magbake but not from scratch. I bought Devil’s Food instant mix from Duncan Hines few months ago and decided to bake it just in time for Halloween. I added chocolate chips and sprinkles.

The cupcake is soft and fluffy but it is not sweet. I guess that this cupcake really needs frosting. 

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  1. Mukhang masarap na without frosting:)

  2. Naku, mukhang natuwa na naman si chef ethan nyan at nakapag bake na ulet kayo. Kaya pala di kumain ng lunch nung friday si manong ariel. Kinain nya was cupcakes daw.