January 03, 2013

Sonya’s Garden

Sonya’s Garden is always on my bucket list, I really wanted to visit this popular destination in Alfonso, Cavite but I always have a second thought. I always check their menu online so I’m not sure if I will enjoy the food, I always say this; I’m a meat-eater. I know there are other food choices but the eat all you can rate is not worth it if I cannot eat or taste everything. A breakfast buffet would be fine so if ever we have a budget for an overnight stay, I will surely visit this again.

Anyway, Out of the blue, we visited Sonya’s Garden because my grandmother-in-law wanted to buy massage oil for her daughter so off we went. We do not know exactly the location so we used GPRS. It was quite far from Tagaytay, Rotonda. Surprisingly, parking was difficult because there’s a wedding event and of course tourists who visit the place. We just made a quick trip to their Country Store and Panaderia. We bought Hispanic bread, cheese hopia, and raisin bread. Do not forget to buy Hispanic bread or Spanish Bread; it is indeed yummy, soft, and flavorful bread. We ate it on our way home.

Sonya's Garden
Barangay Buck Estate, Alfonso, Cavite, Philippines
(near the vicinity of Tagaytay City, Philippines)
For reservations:  +63-9175329097 /  +63-9175335140 /  +63-9175231080
email: info@sonyasgarden.com


  1. dami pa palang pwede punthan sa tagaytay

  2. it looks like a fun weekend trip. my family used to do that when we were younger.