May 12, 2016

Mother’s Day Celebration

Mother’s Day is like an ordinary day in our family but I want to have a rest day on that day, lol. I don’t want to cook and I don’t want to wash dishes. In short, the kitchen was closed last Sunday. 

My husband just bought breakfast after going to the wet market, we ate leftovers at lunchtime and went to Tagaytay for our dinner. This time we traveled all the way to Twin Lakes. We left early because we know na traffic sa Tagaytay.

Sonya’s Garden 

We dropped by at Sonyas Garden, we always go to their Country Store just to buy our favorite Hispanic Bread. Two packs lagi kasi kinakain na namin siya sa biyahe. There are times na freshly baked yung bread so mainit init pa talaga kaya masarap kainin. One pack is P150, nagmahal na siya. When we first tried this bread nasa P120 per pack lang. Hehehe! 

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Twin Lakes 

We always pass by this place if we’re going to Batangas and I’ve seen a lot of restaurants that it is on my bucket list. There is basement parking and no fee for that. 

Amira’s Buco Tart Haus 

We checked the place so we can decide kung san kami magdinner. I saw Amira’s Buco Tart Haus here so I went inside. Amira’s Buco Tart Haus is like a one-stop shop for pasalubong but of course, the famous here is their very own tart which is available in different flavors. 

I bought one box of Buco Tart at P180. Have you tried their blueberry cheesecake tart? I was planning to buy this next time.

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The Farm Organics 

I’ve been meaning to try their food after I watched it on Kris TV but I didn’t know that they have a branch in Tagaytay. We took advantage of the brunch buffet which is only available every Saturday and Sunday, from 10-7PM.

Adults P550 
Kids (5-12) P290 

The buffet spread was not that big but it was enough to satisfy your hungry stomach. We were not really hungry that time because we ate Hispanic bread, hehehe! But we decided to eat early dinner since wala rin naman magawa sa Twin Lakes kundi kumain. Hehehe! 

They have baby back ribs, grilled salmon, roast beef with buttered vegetables, lechon belly, pasta in aligue sauce, bacon, longganisa and bulalo. You can choose adobo rice or plain rice. There are salad, champorado, pancake and omelet. 3 types of pastries and 3 kinds of fruits. The buffet includes organic coffee or cold freshly brewed iced tea. 

Since it is a buffet from 10-7PM, you can’t expect hot or warm food, tapos nasa Tagaytay pa. So I told my husband baka mas ok kung lunch time ang buffet or we will try to order from their menu para mainit yung food.

The foods that we have tried are hit and miss, I enjoyed the grilled salmon and champorado but I did not like the lechon belly. My husband enjoyed most of the food except for the bacon, I don’t know ang alat niya. My son only ate omelet, rice, and brownies. Lugi na naman ko sa bayad, buffet tapos egg lang gusto. Waah!

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  1. Belated happy mother's day sis. Been wanting to visit Tagaytay but we are discouraged by the traffic kasi. Lalo na we will be coming from here in Bulacan. Hehe.

    1. Same to you sis, most of the time weekend ang traffic and holiday kasi dami pumupunta. Pero pag weekday, ok naman biyahe. If you will visit Tagaytay, mas okay mag-overnight na kayo para sulit biyahe. :)

  2. Looks like you had such a great Mother's Day celebration! Belated Happy Mom's Day to you.