August 07, 2015

Advantages and Disadvantages of School Service

This is the fourth year that my son is going to school but for the first two years, I did not hire any school service because the school is just one tricycle away. In addition, my son is too young and I’m afraid to let him ride the school service without me. 

Since he was still in Preschool, I accompany him in school and wait till his dismissal time. But when we transferred him to traditional school, my husband and I decided to hire a school service. Honestly, I was scared to leave him in school service because my son is only Kinder and for me, he’s still my baby.

There are advantages and disadvantages of having a school service.


1. It is economical. Yes, I can save more if I avail the school service because commuting is more expensive.
2. It is safe. If we will commute, we have to ride two tricycles to reach the school. We have to cross the highway before riding the other tricycle and there is no stop light in that area so it is really scary.
3. It is comfortable than riding tricycle. It is not easy to commute during the rainy season.
4. I can do more chores because I don’t have to go to school anymore.
5. If there are a suspension of classes, the school service is just there to pick up your kids.
6. My son will learn to be independent and understand that I can’t be with him 24/7. I can’t always wait for him at school.
7. My son meets new people and has new friends.


1. I have to wake up my son early because he needs to be ready before the school service arrives. Our house is the first stop so I don’t want him to be the cause of the delay.
2. There are times that school service is late so your son is also late in school. It happened to us because the school service is really late or because the school service was stuck in traffic.
3. You cannot deny that your son will meet other kids that are not nice. Spell bully.
4. You just have to trust the driver and assistant that they will take care of your kids. I’m a paranoid mom, so it is hard to trust especially what happened to my son last month. Read the story here. All I can do is pray for his safety.
5. There are times that my son stayed in the lobby for more than an hour before the service will pick him up and it takes another an hour before my son arrived. It happened to us and I was paranoid because my son's dismissal time is 3:55PM so I was expecting that he will be home at 5PM but he arrived at 6:10PM. I was not happy about it, kawawa ang bata, dinner time at pagod na tapos need pa mag-aral.


  1. Having a school service really is convenient, if there's really no other option for your kid to go to and from school. It's always best to take your kids and pick them up from school so that you're sure that they are safe, though. But it really depends on your lifestyle.

    1. Yes, it is always best to bring and fetch your kids in school.

  2. I agree with Esme. Having a school service is really convenient as what I have observed to my nieces. ;-)

  3. My daughter opted not to have a school service because she'd be picked up as early as 5am, which is too early for her. In the afternoon, she'd be the last one to be brought home, which we aren't too comfortable of. It works for others though.

  4. I am lucky now that my dad drove my son for school but next year he will be in grade one na and looking for a big school. School service will be an option na but my dad still refuse it.

  5. We are lucky that my son's school is just few lot away from home. We can even see from home if the class is already dismissed.

  6. I think there are more benefits any parents could get from school service. Usually school kids wouldn't get late and they're home on time too. Convenient and economical too, a school service could offer to every parent.