August 30, 2015

Mrs. Fields Cookie Nibblers

After my therapy we went straight to Alabang Town Center to check the LazerXtreme. My husband learned about it from his officemate and when we google it, my son got excited. 

We were so early and ATC was still closed, so we waited for 20 minutes only to find out that the LazerXtreme was already closed. Waah! They no longer operating in ATC. They only have Market Market branch which is far from our place. My son was really disappointed and he wanted to go to Market Market but of course, we can’t do that because I have to attend a webinar at 2PM. 

I remember that Mrs. Fields have one day anniversary treat, August 29, 2015. I alway see their kiosk in ATC but haven’t tried anything. Since it was my first time to try their products, I only bought 1 dozen of cookie nibblers at P76. I tried it and it was good, it taste like Triple Chocolate Cookie of Ghirardelli that we love. It is a perfect match with a glass of milk.  

My son like it too, how I wish I bought a lot so I could take advantage of the P38 promo (half dozen) because I don’t think I will buy these cookie nibblers at a regular price of P150 (1 dozen). The cookie is small, isang kagat lang talaga so I find it expensive. I would rather buy a Mrs. Fields cookie mix and bake it on my own,

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  1. I love those cookie nibblers too, I would have them all the time if they weren't so expensive. hehe