August 23, 2015

Couple Pangs During Property Hunting

From the moment you fly away from the nurturing nest belonging to Ma and Pa, you’re forced to contend with the dizzying and daunting world of property. Whether you’re a young professional taking on the world, a student heading out to university, or a late bloomer looking for a fresh start, leaving home requires having to learn a little bit about the housing market in order to get by.

Moving into your first home is always a big step in your life. Whilst it may be intimidating to go solo, searching for a property as one half of a couple is even more stressful. True, people in a relationship do have one another to lean on and turn to for support. But when it comes to property hunting, a whole host of issues and problems can unpredictably bubble up to the surface.

Here are some of the main issues that couples face when searching for a property together. 

Money Secrets

Chances are, your partner might have been feeding you a few white lies when you’ve had discussions about your respective financial situations. A few credit purchases here, a little loan there – they’re all perfectly innocent until the time comes for both of you to purchase a property together. Property is a big investment and could lead to some big arguments in terms of finances. 

Rose-Tinted Glasses

Getting your first property together is a fantastically exciting time. So exciting in fact, that it can actually lead to signing on the dotted line for a property that was never right for the both of you in the first place. So many couples are eager to move in together that they wander around a handful of potential properties wearing rose-tinted glasses – not realizing how inappropriate or unaffordable these houses/flats are until it's way too late.

It is best for couples to read feedback and comments on certain properties before they seal the deal. Philippine property matching platform, Zipmatch, is a service that allows you to compare properties based on amenities, ratings, and location to name a few. Using such platforms allows you to find the ideal property that both of you will be proud to call home. 

Daring To Dream

On the other hand, some couples can be way too picky when it comes to choosing their shared property. Both of them have conjured up some idea of an impossibly idyllic dream home over time, and as a result, no property within their price range is likely to please them. If it’s your first place together, you need to be realistic. Unfortunately, a lot of couples aren’t. 

Clashing Idea 

No matter how perfect couples may seem on paper, or in person for that matter, there will always be quarrels when a property is in the frame. Everyone has different tastes, and as a result, will have different ideas of what looks good and what doesn’t. One of the biggest obstacles couples has to overcome when they purchase their first property is one another.

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