August 18, 2015

Custaroons of Custaroonery

I’ve learned about custaroons last year during my blog hopping but I haven’t tried it yet because of the location. If I remember it right, the blogger bought it at Robinson’s Magnolia. I don’t even know where is Robinson’s Magnolia. Hehehe!

Last Saturday after eating our early lunch in California Pizza Kitchen, I told my husband that I will buy Eng Bee Tin Hopia. There are tables in the center of Alabang Town Center where they sell different products and I always buy hopia there because it is our family favorite. After buying our hopia I passed by this table and I saw custaroons.

I stopped and tried the free taste pero di ko malasahan sa konti ng free taste so I decided to buy a box, 6 pieces for P210 (P35 each). I love their packaging.

When we got home, I just placed it inside the fridge, it was only last Sunday when I tried it and I was so surprised because the custaroons are so yummy. Custard + Macaroons = nom nom nom. 

According to website, custaroons is deliciously unique combination of smooth and creamy flan topped with a chewy, buttery crust. I love and if I did not practice self control, I can finish it in one sitting. 

The following day I told my husband to try the custaroons and asked him about the taste, sabi niya ok lang, matamis. My son had a bite but he didn’t like it. I wonder why because he likes leche flan and macaroons that I made three years ago. 

Anyway, at least I can have the custaroons all by myself but it did not last long. How I wish I bought at least 12 pieces. Hahaha! I checked the website to see if they have store here in south and I’m so delighted to know that they have branch in South Supermarket but I hope they will always sell in ATC too. 

South Supermarket - Filinvest Ave

2nd Floor (beside the Customer Service Booth)
Monday - Sunday, 8:30 am - 9:00 pm


  1. The custaroons look delightful! I've heard of custaroonery but I haven't tried their custaroons yet, this time I really might.

  2. I haven't tried a custaroonery before.. will look around to see if they have such dessert for sale around here.

  3. Haven't tried custaroons but it looked soooo yummy! And the packaging is so pretty!