January 13, 2016

A Trip to our Alma Mater

We went to Manila last month because my husband will get the stuff that he needs to install our CCTV camera at home. The traffic was bad and my son and I wanted to pee. We saw UST and I told him that we will just stay in school and balikan na lang niya kami. 

UST is a memorable place for us because this is our alma mater and we became couple a month before we graduated. Tee...hee... 

I was sharing our story to my son and showing him our school. 

Ethan: Mommy, look at the church. 
Me: (insert smile) That’s not a church, it is called Main Building. 

Miguel de Benavides

Monument Replica of arch door of the old university building in Intramuros erected in 17th century as it survived the war of 1941-1945. Arch of Centuries gate-way to history of the finest breed of Filipinos. 

There are so many changes in the school, when we are still studying there are no fastfood inside the university. I remember that we had bazaar here during our Commerce week but now kainan na siya. 

We stayed in McDonalds while waiting for my husband and dahil nahihiya na ko at ang tagal na namin dun, we transferred to Krispy Kreme


- University of Santo Tomas is also known as UST, Pontifical and Royal University of Santo Tomas or The Catholic University of the Philippines. 
- founded on April 28, 1611 by Archbishop Miguel de Benavides
- one of the largest Catholic universities in the world (terms of enrollment) 
- largest university in Manila. 
- this is the only university that have been visited by different popes. 

Pope Paul VI November 1970 
Pope John Paul II February 1981, January 13 1995 
Pope Francis January 18 2015 

- was declared a National Historical Landmark on May 24 2011 buy NHC of the Philippines.


  1. UST looks really nice, and Thanks for the trivia, I learned something more about UST.:)

  2. It must have brought back a lot of memories visiting your alma mata.

  3. missing UST... dami na talagang nagbago. :D

  4. Bonggacious pala talaga mga Universities in Manila, may sikat na mga kainan like McDonalds and Krispy Kreme.

  5. I can tell you have a lot of good memories from your Alma mater.. I'm sure kinilig ka nung naalala mo. :)

  6. Nice. I have not been to UST. I should get one of my cousins or my friend to tour me around the campus. I love its architecture. I want to see those nice buildings.