January 21, 2016

Dekada: Historic Filipino Cuisine

I was in hiatus last month so until now I’m not yet finished with my backlogs. My mom went home last month and whenever she’s home she wanted to eat Filipino foods so when we went to Trinoma we checked the different restaurants and we saw Dekada

We’re all first timers so it took us time to browse the menu, the name of the meal is very unique. I’m sure you are familiar with the name because you learned that in History class. 

We wrote all our orders in one piece of paper and gave it to the staff. The staff informed us that some of our orders were not available, nagpapalambot pa daw so we changed it. We ordered Sizzling Pork Sisig P218, Beef Salpicao P328, Binusog na Pusit P278, Aligue Rice P328, Suam na Mais with Squash P128, Crispy Tilapia with Salad P298, Inihaw na Liempo P298, Bulalo P408, Sinigang na Salmon Head P328, Leche Flan P88, Boneless Bangus P248, Calamansi Juice P128 (each) and Pandan Rice

We were informed that it will take 15 to 20 minutes, so we said ok. After 20 minutes, they served the Crispy Tilapia with Salad so we thought parating na rin yung ibang orders, after few minutes wala pa rin lumalabas. So we asked the server to serve 1 cup of plain rice so my mom could eat her food.

My mom almost finished with her meal before our order came. We liked the Bulalo because the meat is very tender but not the Inihaw na Liempo, ang kunat niya. 

We’re so busy eating and my sister said, nasan na yung ulam namin? Waah! Hindi pa rin pala complete, so we follow up again the Sinigang na Salmon. To think na ang bilis lutuin ng salmon di ba. 

Ang layo sa picture sa menu, nagshrink dito ang beef salpicao. Taste is ok.
My sister in law asked for the refill of calamansi juice and the staff said, hindi po bottomless yung calamansi juice, dalandan lang po. What? It is clearly stated in their menu Calamansi juice/Dalandan juice bottomless P128. They should change that, nakakaloko or they should inform na regular drink lang yun pag inorder ang calamansi. 

We’re already paying our bill, when we have to follow up again na kulang pa ng isang leche flan yung naserve. Hayz. We’re really disappointed with our experience, very slow service. The 20 minutes became 45minutes and kulang kulang pa rin order. I was not able to try the other dishes so I don’t know if they liked it or not. The interiors is nice, the price is reasonable but they need to improve their service and update their menu.


  1. That is sad. You can always recreate the dishes at home. I am actually writing them down. We always cook adobo and fried food. It is nice to have a variety in the menu. I'll google the recipes.

  2. That's sad to hear. One of the most important factors of a restaurant is their service. But It look likes they have good food.

  3. That's very disappointing. Clearly they don't have their sh*t together when it comes to service. What more if the restaurant is full? Will anyone be able to eat? Lol.

  4. Ang mahal ng food tapos ang pangit ng service. Naku, di bale na lang. :-)