January 04, 2016

Highlights of Year 2015

Happy New Year! Finally, after 18 days of missing in action, I find time to blog again. I intentionally took a break from blogging last month, some say “offline is the new luxury” and indeed it is rare to have a long holiday break.

My husband was on leave since December 18 and that was the last day of my son in school too so it was really a long vacation for us. It is a good time to have a vacation but we did not have any grand vacation, we just had a staycation. Literal na staycation sa bahay, we just had one day trip at Canyon Cove.

We wanted to go to Baguio and Sagada after Christmas but when we checked the hotels around the first week of December, fully booked na lahat. I got tired of checking so baka di pa time na umalis. 

Anyway, back to my supposed to be year-end post; 2015 is a challenging year for us when it comes to health. As early as January, I’ve been going to the hospital for my check-up and laboratory test for UTI and June came, and I’m battling with severe psoriasis. Last month of December 2015, we went to pedia-dentist and pedia-optha for my son’s check-up. We received his annual physical exam last November so we made an appointment for a check-up. 

2015 is a year of adjustment because of my husband’s business trip. I always say that I can’t be an OFW wife because I’m so dependent on my husband and I feel so alone when he’s not at home but slowly I’m adjusting to his schedule and learning to do the things that I need to do when he is not around. 

2015 is a year of learning, I started joining a webinar and my husband attended seminars for personal and work-related.

2015 is a year of realization. I realized a lot of things like life is so short and we never know when God will call us home so let us enjoy life to the fullest. Be thankful for the gift of life so even though life is so hard because of my severe psoriasis, I’m still trying my best to live for my husband and son.

My son is no longer a baby, he is in a stage where he is so curious about anything so I really need to be a good role model to him. I need to watch my actions and words because someone is watching me. I have to remind myself that “I’m not only raising a little boy but I’m raising someone’s future husband and father”

Change is the only permanent thing in the world, we can’t predict the future so we need to prepare, save and invest for the future. Well, bago humaba pa intro ko, let me reflect on what happened in 2015.


As I mentioned earlier, as early as January we are going to the hospital. I had UTI and need to undergo KUB IVP. In the same month, my son had a fever so we went to Asian ER. He had lab test like urinalysis, CBC and platelet test. He has been absent for 4 days, good thing that it was a preschool week so no classes, only activities. We also renewed our passport in DFA Alabang.


We celebrated our 9th wedding anniversary in Nurture Wellness Village, we had glamping. We watched Field Demo of my son in school. 


My mom and aunt came home for vacation, we had Day Trip in Canyon Cove. My son had Investiture + Day Camp and of course Graduation Day.


I did not enroll my son in any summer class because he did not like it but I persuaded him to try McDonald’s Kiddie Crew.


We had a short vacation in Pangasinan, and we had a side trip in Bolinao


We celebrated my husband’s birthday in Crosswinds Resort Suites. Before June ends I started my phototherapy and until now I’m still under medication but I’m thankful that my skin is 60% okay and I’m praying that I will be healed soon. 


We had a staycation in Acuatico Beach Resort and Hotel


I celebrated my birthday at Four Seasons Hotpot and DreamPlay


We received the card and my son got a gold eagle seal so we treated him in Lazerxtreme.


We celebrated my son’s 7th birthday in Manila Hotel and had a simple party at home. We had a short trip in Bataan and Pampanga.  


My mom came home before November ends so we spent our long weekend in Valenzuela. 


December is a super busy month because of holiday preparations and Christmas get together. We went back to Canyon Cove for our last travel for the year 2015. I will blog about it soon.

Despite all the challenges, 2015 is still a good year for our family. But I’m hoping that we could have a long vacation this 2016 kahit ang konti ng long weekend. 

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  1. Wow! Seems like you've been everywhere this 2015. Hehe. I wish I could go around the Philippines too. Happy New Year and I wish you a memorable 2016. :)

  2. Traveling is something that we don't do a lot of. It's expensive for a family of 7. But you are blessed that you're able to do that. Just enjoy! Happy 2016!

    1. True, it is very expensive especially for the airfare.

  3. Looks like you've had a year full of adventure! Love that you were able to visit and see a lot of places last year, I hope you get to do that more this year.

  4. You definitely had a wonderful year in spite of the health issues. The travels, the vacation that you had were really blessings. Though our year was also a blessed one but we seldom travel because we had priorities, and our budget don't allow us to travel as a family. So to you, to us! Let's pray for a Fruitful and peaceful year! :-)

    1. Yes, still grateful despite the heath concerns. :)

  5. Love all your great 2015 adventures, great places, photos, and memories. Keep this amazing adventures on 2016, and I hope kami din maka pag travel this year. Cheers for 2016 Sis:)

  6. “I’m not only raising a little boy but I’m raising someone’s future husband and father” is a great reminder sis, so thank you. And may I just say that despite of your psoriasis, you are living an adventurous life. On being an OFW wife, it's true that you just need to adjust. During the first 9-month contract ng husband ko after our wedding, parang feeling ko forever syang mawawala, but as time passed by, nasanay na ako, at ngayon parang ang bilis lang ng 9 months.

    1. My husband is not an OFW, pero feeling ko OFW wife ako pag may business trip siya, hehehe! So far 2 wks is the longest business trip. I'm not sure kung carry ko ang months kaya sobrang bilib ko sa OFW wife. :)

  7. Such an adventurous 2015 you got there. And you got great and astonishing photos and memories. Have an amazing 2016!

  8. Lovely highlights of 2015 :) Happy 2016 to you and family.

  9. My 2015 is a year of realizations too. It was a tough year but with God's grace we managed to get it through. Happy New Year!

  10. You really had a great year last year hopefully this year will be the same. Happy New year to you and your family!

  11. 2015 is also a year of realization to me. Wishing you a good health and prosperous blessings. :) Have a great year ahead!!

  12. You had a great and wonderful 2015:-)I wish you the best for 2016 :-)