April 05, 2016

A Hoppy Easter at Vivere Hotel

My son had his first Easter Egg Hunt experience two years ago when my friend invited us to their house. My friend prepared the eggs and prizes; all we have to do is bring our potluck to share. The kids and adults had fun finding those eggs, painting eggs, eating, and swimming. 

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Last year, Easter Sunday came and my son asked if we will go to his friend's house. I asked him why he wants to go there and he said, I want to have Easter Egg Hunt. I realized that he really had fun finding those eggs so I promised that we will do it next year. 

I was blessed because my son practices “delayed gratification”, he doesn’t insist on his wants and is willing to wait until the right time comes. When I went to Valenzuela last February, my sister asked me kung di ba daw kami aalis. It’s been a long time since we traveled, kahit overnight lang daw. I suggested different hotels to them but the problem is the schedule, di kami nagkakasundo sa date. Hehehe! So we all decided Holy Week na lang para no classes and no work. 

Last February, I was checking different hotels for their Lenten Promo and Easter Egg Hunt Activity. I saw the “You Ought to Live Lenten Offer” of Vivere Hotel and they all agreed. So we had Easter Staycation at Vivere Hotel, which I will share in a separate post.

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A Hoppy Easter at Vivere Hotel

Since we did not avail of the “Hoppy Easter Room Accommodation” promo, we don’t have free tickets for the Easter event so after breakfast we went to reception and asked if there are still available tickets. Fortunately, we can still buy the tickets. 

We attended Sunday mass on the second floor 9-10AM and went to the Vivere Ballroom on the same floor for the Easter event 10AM-2PM. I purchased the ticket 950++ (P1159 nett) for each person. The tickets are very expensive so I was hoping that it is really worth it. 

When I checked the ticket, the program starts at 11AM so we’re still early pala but good thing that we can do the “Egg Painting Activity” while waiting. I did not paint anymore and I just let my son do his own artwork. 

He went to the “Glitter Tattoo” booth. There is also a “Decorate a Cupcake” activity. My son was having a hard time squeezing the icing bag but he made it. We gave the cupcake to his cousins who did not join the event so I don’t know if it is good.

The program started at 11AM, the first game is “Bring Me” and my son won one prize. After the game, we had an early lunch. We’re still full from our buffet breakfast at The Nest so konti lang kinain namin. My son just ate two rolls, ice cream and few tablespoon of rice and pork. So luging-lugi kami sa buffet. Hehehe! 

The choices for the lunch buffet is very limited, madami pa yung choices namin sa breakfast. They have bread, soup, panini sandwich, salad, roast pork, grilled veggies, potato wedges, pasta (choice of red or white sauce) and scoop of ice cream. The drink is iced tea but I did not notice the drink dispenser.

While eating and waiting for the program, the kids were watching movie.

The program started again, with games for kids and adults. Our dilemma here is we’re not really good in name the tune and title of movies or songs games, so di kami nanalo. Sayang, they are giving away toys pa naman. 

Two mascots came, sorry I forgot their name. 

Then announcement of Egg Painting winners, we were surprised when my son was part of the winners. We were not expecting it because I’d seen a lot of pretty painted eggs. Maybe, the judge notice na gawang bata talaga. hehehe!

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The last part of the event is Egg Hunting, they provided a basket for each kid. My son was very happy that he got a lot of eggs and won two small prizes.

The program was finished by 1PM, it was a short program but we really enjoyed it. Do you know why? The event was not crowded, para ka lang umattend ng birthday party. It was just a small group so kids have a lot of chances to win or get prizes. The games are not only for kids but for adults too so it was really an event for the whole family. 

The loot bag is only for kids, mas ok kung each person since same bayad Hehehe! but we’re happy with our loot. (hindi tinipid). 

Things to Improve: 

Since P1159 is not cheap, I wish there were more activities for the kids, more food choices and raffle. I was expecting a raffle for adult and kids, mga tipong overnight stay and buffet lunch/dinner prizes kaso wala. 

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  1. You got a lot of loots there. I never experience egg hunting when I was younger. Your son is fortunate. Happy easter :)

  2. I agree, the food choices could be improve. Congratulations on winning the egg painting, maganda naman talaga gawa ng anak mo. Nice loot bag and prizes Sis, I agree perfect family bonding din, sarap ng chocolates.:)

  3. It is wonderful for kids to experience activities like this but it does have its price. Unfortunately, we have limited activities here in Zamboanga City and so my son wasn't able to experience this.

  4. Wow supper saya naman nito sis, your kid looks having so much fun, kahit siguro mommy nag eenjoy din hahahahha! Congrats ang galing siguro mag painting kasi nanalo eh, the foods looks so yum. ang galing!

  5. this is one great experience for easter, especially for the kids. we weren't able to go to any easter activities this year but i promised my kids that we'll try to have the best summer this year. :)