April 04, 2016

Lucky Me: Baked Mac Style

We don’t usually cook instant noodles at home but I still buy few pieces in the grocery just in case we want to eat pansit canton or we want hot noodles with egg. 

We love Lucky Me Pansit Canton but we don’t like pansit canton from scratch. It is weird that we prefer the taste of the instant noodles, lol. Anyway, we love pansit bihon and palabok naman. :) 

We attendedA Hoppy Easter event at Vivere Hotel last Easter Sunday and Lucky Me Baked Mac is included in my son’s loot bag. 

Yesterday, I cooked baked mac for our merienda. The pack includes macaroni and sauce. 

Cook the pasta, drain and mix the sauce. The color looks pale, it is not the usual red sauce. 

I added grated cheese. 

Surprisingly, the taste is good. Of course, we still prefer our Baked Mac recipe but if we want baked mac in few minutes, Lucky Me Baked Mac will be an option. 

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  1. I tried this, and yeah it's very cool the taste is really good. ilang minutes lang may pang snacks na for toddler. Marami na ngayong option from lucky me, mas pinalaki na din ang pancit canton nila. nakakatuwa.

  2. I have tried before and it taste good. Pwde na! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ˜‰

  3. Tried this and tasted good enough of flavor.I did not look into pale colors.I actually eat pancit canton as merienda sometimes breakfast.