June 22, 2016

The Bellevue Manila Pastry Corner

Two years ago, we celebrated my husband’s birthday at The Bellevue Manila. And because it was a birthday celebration, I went to The Bellevue Manila Pastry Corner to buy a cake, I bought a mini cake and plain ensaymada. We really enjoyed the cake and ensaymada. 

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Just last week, we went back to The Bellevue Manila to attend the Bellevue Kids Club Grand Launch. I did not leave without buying their yummy pastry. They have different flavors of ensaymada such as Malolos Ensaymada, Black Forest Ensayamda, Red Velvet Ensaymada, Leche Flan Ensaymada and Ube Ensaymada. 

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I bought Leche Flan Ensaymada P85, Ube Ensaymada P85 and Cheese Roll P75. The serving was big and they did not scrimp on the ingredients. You can see the generous amount of cheese on top and the yummy filling inside.

The Leche Flan Ensaymada has slices of leche flan inside and the leche flan was not that sweet.

The Ube Ensaymada has ube jam filling and this is really good. Every bite is heaven because I also like ube jam too. Unfortunately, I only bought one. Maybe that is the reason bakit naubusan ako but I was still glad, may natira na isa. Lol

I was surprised with the Cheese Roll, I was expecting that it was a simple bread with one slice of cheese inside just like the cheese roll of Red Ribbon and Purple Oven but I was wrong. Aside from the generous cheese toppings, there is also cream cheese filling. Cheese na cheese talaga. 

As I mentioned, the serving is really big and I can’t finish it in one sitting because I’m full already. But it really depends on your appetite because my husband can finish it in one sitting. Lol 

I just hope the hotel is just so near so we can buy this every time we crave it. I just can’t hoard because of the expiration date. I bought it on June 19 and the expiration date is June 22. 

I’ve tried ensaymada of Starbucks, Cafe Mary Grace, Purple Oven, and other Pastry shops, they are all good but now my top one is Ube Ensaymada of The Bellevue Manila Pastry Corner. How about you, what is your favorite ensaymada or cheese roll? 


  1. Natakam tuloy ako hehe. I actually haven't eaten ensaymada or cheese roll for a long time from any renowned pastry shop but I'd like to make one on my own kaso I don't have much time to spare for that. The ensaymada from our local bakery is quite yummy too.