June 07, 2016

Things to do in Cebu

Some people say that Cebu is like Manila and there is nothing much to do. Yes, it is like Manila if you stay in the city but just like other places, there are so many interesting places to visit in Cebu. I have just visited this province three times and until now I haven’t explored the Northern and Southern Cebu so I still have reason to go back to Cebu. 

Sharing with you the things that you can do in Cebu according to our experience. 

Kawasan Falls 

I was still in high school when I first visited Cebu with my churchmates, I was there from December 26 till January 1. We’ve visited different hotels, malls, and restaurants which I can hardly remember but one thing that I can’t forget is, we had an overnight stay in Kawasan Falls.

Back then, I don’t have my own camera so I have very limited pictures of the falls but I can say that it is one of the pretty falls that I’ve visited. I’ve read that there is a new adventure that you can do here and it is called Canyoneering in Kawasan Falls

When my son hit teenage years maybe we can try this, I just hope ganun pa rin energy ko. Baka tumutunog na buto ko. Hahaha! 

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Tops Lookout 

Tops Lookout located in Busay Hills is also a must-see if you want to see the Metro Cebu cityscape and its neighboring islands Mactan and Olango. The best time to be here is before sunset so you can see the city lights too. We went here via private vehicle so I’m not sure how to commute. 

DIY Cebu City Tour 

Since we always stay in the city, we always do the DIY City Tour. I have a son in tow so we can’t finish everything in one day. But I’m pretty sure that you can do this in one go. Walking tour is really possible because we literally walk from one spot to another spot.

We visited Basilica De Sto. Nino, Magellan’s Cross, Plaza Independecia, Fort San Pedro and Malacanang sa Sugbo. We went to Taoist Temple but you need a ride here, habal-habal or taxi. 4D movie at Crown Regency since we’re afraid of heights so no Sky Adventure in Cebu. 

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We visited Casa Gorordo Museum, Yap - San Diego Ancestral House, Heritage of Cebu Monument, Colon St. Basilica De Sto. Nino and Magellan’s Cross. From Magellan’s Cross, we rode a jeep to Taboan Market so we can buy dried mango, dried fish, dried squid and other pasalubong.

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DIY Mactan City Tour

There are tourist spots that you can visit from the airport if you have no luggage with you. You can visit Mactan Shrine, Lapu-Lapu Monument and dine at any Sutukil restaurants

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We dropped by here before going to Shangri-la Mactan Resort and Spa where we had a day trip. You have to call before going there because Day in Paradise package is not always available. I experienced that when we went to Cebu last summer. I inquired through email and I was advised that day tour is not available until further notice.

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Food Trip

Aside from the interesting places, it is also nice to have a food trip in Cebu because the price is cheaper compared to NCR restaurants. If you are a meat lover and like to eat lechon, you will really enjoy your stay in Cebu because there are so many lechon restaurants to choose from. 

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          Cebu's Lechon

Accommodation in Cebu 

Of course, you need accommodation in Cebu and check the hotels and resorts that we have tried in Cebu from cheap to luxury. 

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I hope on our next visit we can go to Bantayan or Sumilon Island, I also want to experience island hopping. Have you been to Cebu? Care to share your experience. 

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          Pasalubong from Cebu 


  1. wow, reading this reminds me that it's been 5 years since I visited Cebu. I wish we could go back there to visit my in-laws.

  2. when we went to Cebu, I also do DIY tour lang, love the taoist temple. Was not able to try the other side of cebu

  3. It has been years since I went to Cebu. Would love to go to the Shangrila resort as I heard that it was fantastic.

    1. Yes, you can never go wrong with Shangri-la resort. :)