July 16, 2016

Design Your Own Beados

Spending at home during weekends can be a bit boring for an only child so I need to have a lot of interesting activities for my son to entertain him. He can use Ipad during weekends but of course battery won’t last. Hehehe! 

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts about beads last year but I’m not sure if my son is patient enough to put it one by one so I did not bother to buy one. But we got Beados at home, one of the toys that he got from Bellevue Kids Grand Launch loot bag. 

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The pack includes spray, plastic tray, beads and guide. My son just followed the pattern and sprayed water. We let it rest overnight and it seems magic because once it is dry, everything was connected already without using glue. Amazing beads!


  1. I have tried these water beads before.. they were so much fun for the kids.

  2. I seen this product at my local store here, I should check again and get some for my kids. Love the design!:) Thanks for sharing

  3. Aw, this reminds be of my HS days, we'd use smaller beads and make them braces, nauso to dati! lol.

  4. Naalala ko when I was in high school in our T.H.E subject our teacher gave us a project like this, making bracelets and necklace using the colorful beads.... nakakatuwa at nakaka enjoy.

  5. i cannot find na yung ganito namin sis :-( mag enjoy pa naman sikulit