July 26, 2016

Japan: The Royal Host

We were lucky that our hotel has a strategic location, you will really not go hungry here because there are several restaurants around the area. The only problem is we are not sure if the taste and price are good. 

My husband asked his officemate for recommendations. One evening, my husband went to The Royal Host restaurant. They have a different menu for take out and dine in food and my husband ordered this.

We were satisfied with the food so we had lunch here on our sixth day. The Royal Host, The Hospitality Restaurant is a family restaurant which serves Japanese, Western food and European food. 

The interiors look simple yet cozy, I noticed that most of the diners are families or group of friends. We took our time in browsing the menu. Good thing that they have a menu for kids and just like other fastfood, there is a free toy per meal. 

The staff even asked the size of the rice, small, medium etc. I only ordered small size since I can only eat 1 cup of rice. My husband ordered medium, ang dami pala. Hehehe! But even you ordered the biggest size of rice, the price is still the same. 

We were surprised with the serving, it was really huge especially for the kid’s meal. My son was not able to finish his meal. 

The taste is good and the price is very reasonable. I can’t remember the exact price but if I remember it right, the total price is not close to P1500. The service is also good, the staff immediately refill our drinks even without asking.

Royal Host 
Plaza 4F on a hill, 1-44, Ochiai, 
Tama-shi, Tokyo, 206-0033


  1. The food looks awesome and yummy. =)

  2. The steak looks good. Nakakagutom, looking at your pictures! :D

  3. Great price, very reasonable! :) Question: do the sausages have a "Japanese flavour"? Meaning, does it taste different from regular sausages?

    1. I was not able to taste the sausage, it was my husband's order kasi. :)

  4. Looks AND sounds soooo good … I looove spicy food!