July 25, 2017

3 Days Trip in Davao

Davao is the first province that I’ve visited in Mindanao so I was a little bit excited when we went there. It’s been a decade already since the last time I’ve been there and it is one of the places that I wanted to revisit because I know that there are more tourist spots that I haven’t seen and experienced.

A few months ago, my husband mentioned to me that he will have a business trip in Davao so I was a little bit excited because I have the opportunity to go back but when April came, his Davao trip was moved to another date. Then May came, Martial law was implemented so Davao trip was totally canceled. 

Well, I hope the Marawi issue will be resolved soon and I’m praying for peace. Aside from Davao, there are more places that I wanted to visit in Mindanao. But for now, let me just reminisce about our 3 days trip to Davao. 

3 Days Trip in Davao 

We’re supposed to book Kalibo but there are no more seat sales, so we tried Tagbilaran and again no more seat sale. We were losing hope already then the CS rep informed us that they still have promo fare for Davao so we booked. 

Honestly, we have no idea about Davao and I’ve never been to Mindanao so I just search and search for possible tourist destinations. At that time, I don’t have an itinerary; I just take note of the places that we can go to before going to Pearl Farm Resort.

Fast forward to our trip, it was raining in Laguna when we left and I was praying hard that there will be no cancellation of flight because it is not easy to schedule a vacation leave. Thank God that Davao’s weather was fine so we will be able to do our itinerary for that day. 

We took a taxi to get to Casa Leticia, which will be our accommodation for that day. I already booked our room a month before our trip but unfortunately, it was not recorded at their end even though I showed them the confirmation that I got from their site. 

Good thing that there is still an extra room, we have no choice but to stay in one room. And because of that experience, I always inquire and reserve accommodation through email unless they informed me to book online.  

After fixing our things we went outside to eat our lunch, there is a grilled restaurant, 100 meters away from the hotel. Price is affordable, almost P100 for a complete meal.  

Philippine Eagle Center 

After our lunch, we asked the receptionist how we can go to Philippine Eagle Center. I did not expect that the travel time will be long; we only took a jeep and habal-habal to get there. Fare in habal-habal is P100 per person, roundtrip. 

 Aside from eagles, there are more animals that you can see there. We were lucky that there was monkey feeding at that time so we were able to witness it. Ang galing lang nila magbalat ng fruits. The travel may be long but it was all worth it because I was able to meet the Phillipine Eagle. 


Pearl Farm Resort 

My friend suggested to spend a night in Pearl Farm but I told her it’s too expensive, P9,000 (P4,500 per pax) for one night but she really insisted that I include this so I gave in.  The rate is quite pricey but it is all worth it because of the superb service, food and place. The package includes the roundtrip boat transfer, 3 buffet meals and complimentary use of facilities and amenities. The trip is really memorable for all of us and I am still looking forward to go back. 

On our second day, we woke up early because we need to be at the Pearl Farm Marina before 8AM. We just took a cab to reach the port. Port pa lang naexcite na kami, why not? Pearl Farm is a luxury resort in Davao so for sure we will have a great stay. 

We planned to stay in 2 rooms para tipid but we were informed that the room is only good for two persons and even if there is an extra person, the fee is still the same. Well, okay na rin at least my husband and I will have privacy. Chos! We stayed in Samal House and I like our seaview, we can feed fish just outside our room. 

The following morning, we went to Malipano Island, one boat ride from Pearl Farm Resort. It is part of the resort. 

Davao Crocodile Park 

As much as we want to extend our stay in Pearl Farm Resort, we have to leave because it was our last day in Davao but since our flight is still in the evening, we still have time for the city tour. Good thing that there was an FX driver at Pearl Farm Marina who offered his service to tour us around for P1200. So we took advantage of the offer because it is more convenient for us since taxi could not accommodate 6 persons. 

We visited some luxury hotel to see the T’boli Weaving Center but it was closed. Next stop is Souvenir shops and market. We bought some pasalubong but not durian. 

Then Davao Crocodile Park, we’re just in time for some exhibition but I don’t have any pictures of it. We stayed for a few hours and then we went straight to Davao International Airport. It was a short trip, that’s why I wanted to go back. Given a chance, I will visit Samal Island, Eden Nature Park, Hagimit Falls. If you like durian candy, buy Lola Abon’s brand and don’t forget to buy suha. 

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Pasalubong from Davao

This is the last trip that I traveled with friends, ang hirap na kasi magtagpo ng schedule namin. I have my own family na rin so iba na trip pag may anak na kasama. But I miss those times that I can travel with friends.


  1. Sis, bagets na bagets ka dito! hehe. I am from Tagum and that's just 2 hours away from Davao City but I've never been to Pearl Farm. haha. Meron kami dating field trip sa Davao when I was in Elementary and we were able to visit some spots in Dvo. It's been a while since I was there. 'Di ko kabisado ang Davao, confusing ang mga routes nila for me. Mas sanay pa ako bumiyahe sa Edsa kesa sa Davao City. haha.

    1. Isang dekada na kasi ang nakakaraan, throwback pictures lang. hehehe! Wow, buti ka pa sanay sa EDSA, takot ako diyan magbiyahe, sobrang gitgitan mga sasakyan.