July 12, 2017

Family Day at Enchanted Kingdom

Two months ago my husband mentioned to me that they would be having a family day in Enchanted Kingdom so he asked me if I was interested. I just said yes because wala pa naman kami lakad sa July. There was no definite date for the event, sabi lang July so sa tagal, we already forgot about it. 

One week before the event, my husband received an email about Family Day and he was asking me kung nakapagregister daw ba siya dun. “Ako pa talaga ang tinanung” hehehe! Good thing my husband did not forget to register us. 

Few days before the event we received our passes. I was surprised when I saw the envelope, we have Park Plus Agila Ride Ticket, 2 Skills Game Passes, and P300 worth of Wizard Money (per person). I was expecting a Park Only ticket pero may pocket money pa. And because my husband was very quick in replying to the email, we got one of the 20 Free Car Passes too. Yey! For free parking.

Enchanted Kingdom Rates 

Park Only P700 
Park Plus Agila Ride P900 

To save money, buy your ticket at KLOOK
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Since high school, I’ve been to Enchanted Kingdom for the nth time already so when I had my own family, I make sure to visit this theme park with my son. It’s been years since the last time we visited EK so my son was a little bit excited when I told him that we will go back to the Enchanted Kingdom. #EKcited siya.

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Fast forward to Family Day, we were there as early as 9:40AM because there was Magicalympics at 10AM. It was funny because prior to our trip, my husband said, “he would not ride Jungle Log Jam” but their first task is “Ride Jungle Log Jam”. hehehe! They needed to finish 5 Tasks and fortunately, their team won (1st Runner Up) so we had extra P200 Wizard Money. 

We ate lunch before starting our tour in Enchanted Kingdom. It was scorching hot but we had no choice but to explore because my son was itching to ride different rides. Watch the video here

Since there were no long lines at the Swan Lake, we went here first. It was not a good decision because my legs were aching kakapedal. Nakakapagod na ride ito pero lagi naman kami pumipila. Hehehe! 

We went back to Bump N’ Splash. We went here when my husband was busy doing their task at Anchor’s Away but the staff told me that we needed to wait for other people. I said, “Dalawa na kami” but she insisted na maghintay pa daw. 

So my son and I went back to Anchor’s Away. I don’t understand why we need to wait for other people pa, it is just a waste of time. I remember our trip to Legoland Malaysia, when we fell in line, the staff didn’t wait anymore and we rode different rides na kami lang ang sakay (as in kami lang). Ganun din naman, nagbasaan kaming dalawa ng anak ko. Kakadisappoint talaga.  

Anyway, I brought a raincoat so my son won’t get wet in Bump N’ Splash and Rio Grande Rapids. During the past visits, basang sisiw kami. We also rode Boulderville Express, trip lang. 

Since we’ve been to EK several times already, we decided to try the paid activities using our Wizard Money. So for the very first time, we went to 7D Interactive Motion Theater “Werewolves”. Entrance Fee is P100 per person. 

We enjoyed this one because it is not just a ride but you will play a game where you need to kill werewolves and you will see the top players too. At that moment, my husband was the “Best Player of the Day”, you can see the stats when you go out. I bought a souvenir picture for P250.

Then we went to Agila Theater, for your information this is the only flying theater in the Philippines. The fee is P500 per person but it is already included in our Park Plus Agila Ride ticket so no additional payment. 

You have to put your stuff in the locker, it is free for the first hour. No photos and videos are allowed so I have no pictures inside. But it is really big, I was scared at first because nasa third floor kami napunta na upuan. You know, I’m scared of heights but I was glad that it was not a scary ride. 

My husband liked this, parang human drone lang and you will tour the popular tourist spots in the Philippines. The fee is a little bit expensive so if you want to experience this, it is better to avail the Park Plus Agila Ride Ticket. 

The next stop is Ghostbusters Adventure, I was expecting that this would be a ride and we would kill ghosts but I was wrong, Horror House pala ito. Waah! It was too late to back out because my husband paid the tickets na. The entrance fee is P100 per person. It was scary, shocking, and fun at the same time. And because of this, nagkanightmare ang anak ko and he told us not to go there anymore. 

We went to Rio Grande Rapids, good thing I wore raincoat or else, basa-basang ako. Of all places talaga, dun pa talaga ko naupo sa mababasa. We also tried playing games using the game passes but you need to pay pa rin pala so we only tried Ring Toss. Buy 1 Get 1, P50 per game. 

Then we proceeded to Fun Kart, I was surprised to see the rates but I already promised my son that he will ride this so pikit mata na lang.

Fun Kart Rental Fees

One seater P380 for 10 minutes 
Two-seater P470 for 10 minutes 
Student rate P250 for 6 minutes (single seater only) - Valid ID is needed 

You need to sign the waiver before paying the fee. My husband was complaining na nakaslow-mo daw video ko. I told him, hindi nakaslow-mo yan, mabagal lang talaga kayo. hehehe! 

After that, we went to Rialto. I just noticed that there are some attractions that require you to pose for pictures, we experienced this in 7D, Agila and Rialto. Few years ago, wala nito sa Rialto. Anyway, we enjoyed the Ice Age Movie of Rialto, may bagong pakulo, may part na nagulat kami kasi parang may sumipa sa back namin. Hehehe! 

Lastly, we rode Bump Car, Up, Up and Away, Bumbling Boulders and Bouncing Boulder. While waiting at the Bouncing Boulder, it started to rain so we decided to go home na. Lagi na lang umuulan pag nasa EK kami. 

We had fun because it was a different experience compared to our past visits I’m thankful for the FREE Wizard money because we could try some paid attractions. I'm glad that EK is adding more attractions so people have reasons to go back. 

7D Interactive Motion Theater “Werewolves” P100
Agila Theater P500
Ghostbuster Adventure P100
Fun Kart P470

I just hope next time, aside from the map they will also include a flyer about the schedule of their shows or if there is a mascot appearance. Sa dami beses ko na napunta parang once lang ko nakapanood ng show in front of Rialto. 


  1. Wow! It's nice to know that they got a lot of new attractions. The last time we visited was 3 years ago pa. My son will surely enjoy the Fun Kart and the Ghostbuster Adventure.

  2. Wow, there's a lot of new rides in Enchanted Kingdom. Kaso, mukhang everything has extra cost. We need to visit it na again.

  3. We've only been here once and we love the experience! It was during Goldilock's 50th anniversary. Medyo malayo ito samin, considering we're from Rizal. So I'm not sure if makavisit uli dito soon.

  4. We seldom visit Enchanted Kingdom. It's so far from our place and the only times we get to visit it were during school field trips and yes, the Goldilocks Event before. Love to visit the place again as my boys truly enjoy the rides.

  5. Ang tagal ko ng hindi nakapunta sa EK, the last time was when me and my hubby weren't married yet. I still need to think about bringing my kids there, kasi medyo maliliit pa sila, 7 and 4 year olds. Namiss ko yung thrill of riding risky attractions hehe.

    Your son looked like he enjoyed naman :)