July 21, 2017

Open Closet for Small Spaces

I’ve been meaning to replace my son’s cabinet but I’m choosing between built-in cabinet or ready-made one. My son’s cabinet is more than 8 years old and I bought it when he was still a baby. It is already old, sira na rin yung ibang part so it really needs a replacement.

A few weeks ago, I told my husband that I will just buy a clothes rack so he can disassemble the old cabinet. We went to the department store and I was surprised when I saw the price of the clothes rack. It ranges from P2000 - P4000. Eight years ago, my son’s cabinet was only P2900 so ngayon, pang clothes rack na lang pala ang presyo. (yes, nakadikit pa price sa cabinet) hehehe! I did not buy the rack kasi namamahalan ako.

Last Friday, I was browsing my newsfeeds then I saw an IKEA Mulig clothes rack for P1200 only. I decided to buy this clothes rack because it is cheaper compared sa nakita ko sa department store. Then all of a sudden, I checked the price of that clothes rack in IKEA and I was surprised na wala pa P300 yung rack na yun.

So I immediately searched if there is IKEA in Kuala Lumpur and I was so happy when I learned that there is IKEA Cheras. I browsed their online catalog and screenshot all the pictures that I want to buy and sent it to my husband. I asked him if he can drop by in IKEA before he went to the airport the following day.

After few hours, my husband messaged me that he is on its way to IKEA. Yey! Ang dali kausap, good thing that he read my message before going back to the hotel. He bought 1 Rigga clothes rack, 2 Skubb Storage with Compartment and 1 Skubb Organizer.

Rigga RM59
Skubb Storage with 6 compartments RM39.90
2 Skubb Box with compartments RM59.80 (RM29.90)
Total RM158.70 

Last Sunday, my husband disassembled the old cabinet and assembled the closet rack. Then I put all the Skubb organizer and box. The Skubb boxes are from IKEA Alexandra, 3 pcs in one pack kaso two boxes lang kasya. The Maximum load of the closet rack is 35kg which is just enough for my son’s clothes.

Skubb Box (3pcs) SGD19.60

At first, my son doesn’t like the idea of the open closet, gusto daw niya may door. I told him that he will have a closed cabinet in the future but for now, he will have an open closet because I’m still saving for the built-in cabinet. I know that there are disadvantages of open closet, una na diyan is dust. But I prefer this than using the old cabinet because I was able to maximize the space. It has more shelves and compartment so mas marami ko nailagay na clothes niya compared sa old cabinet.

After I finished his open closet, he liked it na. Yey! If I will compute everything, I only spent more or less P2500 which is a big saving compared to the P2-4k price of one clothes rack. If ever magawa na yung built-in cabinet,  I can also reuse the Skubb storage and the Rigga clothes rack, pwedeng sampayan. :)

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IKEA Cheras
No.2A, Jalan Cochrane Taman Maluri
55100, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Update: February 2018

As promised, I will have a built-in cabinet in my son's room. Finally, natapos na rin. It took them six days to build this floor to ceiling cabinet. And I was able to use the IKEA storage boxes that I bought before, pinasukat ko talaga para kasya lahat.

I took this after they built it, so hindi ko pa napunasan. hehehe!


  1. Wow ang mura! Pero agree ako sayo, ang mahirap pag open closet madaling maaalikabukan. Although it is space saver and way cheaper than closed cabinets plus if you have future plans to buy new cabinets, you can still use this as book shelves or toy organizer.

  2. Meron kami open closet na maliit at meron din maliit na drawer. And yes, I agree, mabilis maalikabukan. We didn't get another one kasi for now, we're just renting. Pero ang ganda ng naisip mong gawin, very neat pa, I love white! ♥

    1. Thanks! Nilagyan ko na nga lang ng cover yung mga boxes para iwas alikabok.

  3. The clothes rack is nice. Nasanay lang siguro si Ethan na his cabinet has doors. May feeling of privacy hehe.

  4. I love Ikea. I can't wait for them to open their branch here already. For sure, madami din akong mabibili for our house. Swerte mo your hubby can go to an Ikea branch when he's traveling abroad.

    1. Ang tagal mag-open ng IKEA dito sa Pinas. Yes, buti nakakapagIKEA siya. hehehe!

  5. Heard so much about ikea. Seems like a happy place to visit. And the clothes rack is affordable. Like the color, too. It looks so neat.