July 20, 2017

Buffet Breakfast at Marriott Garden Cafe

Update January 2018: Cebu City Marriott Hotel is closed now and it is under renovation. Ayala Land Hotels and Resorts Corporation contract with Marriott came to an end last December 31, 2017. After the renovation, the hotel will be named Seda. 

We had a 3 days staycation at Cebu City Marriott Hotel last year but we only booked a “room only” package to save money. We were not able to try their restaurant or even their buffet breakfast. Good thing that the hotel is walking distance to Ayala Mall so we ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner in the mall.

Last week, my husband went to Cebu for a business trip and he stayed in Marriott Cebu Hotel too. I already blog about our experience here so let me just share their breakfast buffet at Marriott Garden Cafe

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The location of the restaurant is nice because you have a garden and swimming pool view. According to him, the buffet spread is good because there are so many choices. There are different stations that you can visit like omelet station, curry station, cereals, and oats station, cold cuts and cheese station, and more. 

They even serve homemade dimsum and homemade bread. Of course, a buffet breakfast in Cebu is not complete without eating the famous chorizo longganisa, danggit and native delicacies. In addition, the service is good too. I can attest to that because when we were there last year, maasikaso talaga sila. 

Checking all the photos, they have more servings compared to my husband's experience in Marriott Residence Inn in Austin, Texas. Anyway, because of that trip, we had danggit and Cebu’s Lechon again. 

Scene after school

Ethan: Mommy, what did you cook?
Me: I did not cook.
Ethan: E, what is our ulam?
Me: Lechon
Ethan: Lechon? Where did you buy?
Me: It's daddy's pasalubong from Cebu.
Ethan: Huh! I did not see him.

Well, my husband went home from Cebu but my son was already sleeping and when he woke his daddy was already at the airport for another business trip. #thestruggleisreal. At least naramdaman niya ang pasalubong. hehehe!

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Cebu City Marriott Buffet Breakfast Rate

Buffet Breakfast P850 
Continental Breakfast P650 
Full American Breakfast P850 
Grab and Go Breakfast P200 
Hot Breakfast P850


  1. Buffet breakfast at hotels are really a treat. Especially those hotels with nice menus. Sometimes kasi hotels offer same so-so menus during breakfast, pero the well-known ones naman has really good selection. PS: I really love Cebu lechon :D

  2. I love hotel breakfasts especially if there's a lot of choices like in this hotel. I would love to try their omelet station and curry station.

  3. Food tripping is heart in Cebu! If we ever have the chance to go back there, lechon ang unang una kong hahanapin, lol. Tapos guitar siguro pag busog na. haha. They have quality guitars there too (affordable ones, hehe). Struggle is real nga na di nya man lang nalamang umuwi si dad nya. Pero at least, nakakauwi pa rin, sis, unlike OFWs, asa lang sa videocall. lol.

  4. I love buffets! Feeling ko sulit ang bayad each time. I haven't been to Cebu pero hopefully in the near future makabisita man lang!

    Great ambiance ha and there are a lot of choices for a breakfast only buffet.