December 10, 2017

Shopping at

If you remember my post, I ordered Happy Girls Stamps last October and since then, I’ve been checking different bookstores, looking for acrylic block stamp. I already received my clear stamps last month but I can’t use it because I have no Acrylic Block Stamp. I’ve been to different malls na, in Laguna, Cavite, and Alabang but I did not see anything.

My husband was teasing me, na baka wala naman sa Pinas niyan. I searched online and some of the online stores have acrylic block stamps but it was sold out or out of stock. Then last week my search led me to online store. I was glad that they have stock of acrylic block but I was hesitant to order because,

1. It is already December, baka matagalan ang dating ng order. I had two local orders and it took them more than a week bago ko natanggap order ko. Super follow-up pa ko sa courier kasi hindi naman nag-update yung status sa tracking nila.

2. I have plans na this December so I cannot afford to stay at home para lang maghintay sa order.

3. It was my first time to see the online store.

But I really need the acrylic block stamp so I took a risk. I checked the Craft FB page and puro good reviews naman nabasa ko. So I ordered last December 6 and paid via Paypal then after few minutes, I received my order confirmation and I was advised that it will take 5-7 business days to provincial address.

I ordered Round Corner Cutter, Clear Acrylic Block 3 x 4, Clear Acrylic Block 1 2 x 2, Dye Ink Pad  Black Tie, Muji Style Notebook A6 Grid and Muji Style Notebook Dotted.

The following day, I received a message that my package is on its way, so I was expecting na next week ko pa matatanggap so I was really shocked when I received my order in the afternoon via JRS. Wow, ang bilis! I was really happy with my first shopping experience.

December 6 - I ordered and paid via Paypal
December 7 - I received my order.

What I Like About Craft PH 

1. Their website is easy to use.
2. They accept credit card, bank, and Paypal payment.
3. They ship nationwide and FREE shipping for orders P1000 and above.
4. Good customer service.

- I received a 10% discount for signing-up which I haven’t used kasi nakaorder na ko bago ko nakita yung email.
- I also receive an email “ If you have any questions or if there is anything else I can help you with, please reach out to me without hesitation.”
-  They advised me when they shipped the package and gave me the tracking number.
-  I even received a free pouch because they have a promo that time.

5. Good packaging. All my orders are carefully packed in bubble wrap and box so I received everything in good condition.
6.  And of course, I received my order the following day.

One thing I realized, magastos pala ang magcraft. Nabubutas na bulsa ko. hehehe!


  1. I love online shopping they are so easy and hassle free. I am a bit into online shopping myself, especially for stuff which are hard to find. Will check out this online shop next time I need crafts materials.

    1. I'm starting to like online shopping now, nakakapagod na kasi yung traffic.

  2. Wow, sobrang bilis ng delivery nila! :O I agree with you, mabagal talaga shipments ngayon ng online orders, mine I took almost 2 weeks to deliver din. There was one order nga na kinancel ko nalang talaga kasi mukhang di na aabot.

    1. Ang bilis nga, next day delivery lang to think peak season ngayon.

  3. National Book Store now has acrylic blocks. The brand is called Rosie's Studio. :) Magastos talaga mag craft. Kaya when I decorate my planner pages, I usually look for free printable online. :)

    1. Wala sa napuntahan ko na NBS. Oo nga ang gastos masyado buti may mga free printables din. :)

  4. I think I've across this site before wheb I was shopping for crafts supplies. I like the acrylic block you have. Wala ako nyan pero meron akong stamps..hahaha Wala ako mabili dito. Thanks sa info, pag uwi ko sa pinas bili ako. =)

    1. Same here, nauna yung stamps and nahirapan maghanap ng acrylic block. hehehe!

  5. Angcute! Pero agree ako mommy na magastos ang mag crafts :) pero if that's your passion project naman go as long as hindi nag eexceed sa budget :)