May 21, 2019

Fishing Adventure in Trøndelag Norway

Fishing is one thing that we always look forward to every time we visit Norway. We’ve been praying and hoping for nice weather so we can experience it again before we go back to the Philippines. Fishing in Norway is just a normal thing, you can fish all year round but the best time to fish is from March to October. But it doesn’t mean that you can catch fish every day because you have to consider the weather.

I mentioned before that since April 30, it’s been snowing, raining and if the sun is out, it is still not good for fishing because it is windy. After three weeks of waiting we finally had our chance, thank God for giving us good weather. So after my mom’s work, we prepared for our fishing adventure.

I remember two years ago, it was so cold and we’re wearing overall dress, scarf, bonnet, and gloves. But now, the weather is fine, it is neither cold nor hot so my son and I enjoy fishing. We started sailing at 5PM in Trondheim Fjord which is part of Trøndelag. Trøndelag is situated in the middle part of Norway and it is popular for fishing because they have a lot of lakes, streams, and rivers. You can do both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

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After few minutes of sailing, we stopped and started fishing. I was surprised when my fishing rod became heavy. Yey, I caught my first fish but unfortunately, we let it go because it is still small. But I guess, it was our lucky day because in just one hour my son and I caught 13 fishes. I caught 7 Haddock fishes and my son caught 6 fishes.

My son was happy because he caught the two big fishes which are Cod and Pollack. Two years ago, he was so sad because he did not catch any fish but now he is so proud of all the fishes that he caught. We caught Haddock, Cod and Pollack fishes and we’re going to eat the cod fish later.

Haddock - It is a bottom feeder fish that is commonly found in the North Atlantic Ocean or Northern Europe. It is usually found at 40-300 meters deep. It has a large black spot under the pectoral fin. We caught 12 Haddock fishes.

Norwegian Pollack - This fish is common in Trøndelag coast and it can weigh up to 10 kilos. My son caught around 5-6 kls of Pollack fish. It is so big and heavy na nahirapan kami iangat.

Cod - Atlantic cod is the most common saltwater fish that lives in colder water and deeper sea so it is not surprising that we always catch this fish every fishing experience. It is popular as food, you can grill, bake or fry this fish.

We stopped fishing after an hour because it is time for dinner. Seagulls are very happy, they are eating the internal organs of the fishes. We left the seaport at 7PM after cleaning the fish, boat and other fishing stuff.

Watch the video here.

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