May 14, 2019

Food Trip in Copenhagen Denmark

I don’t have a list of must-try restaurants in Copenhagen, Denmark so we just eat wherever we want. We stayed in Urban House Copenhagen by Meininger, this hostel is near Copenhagen Central Station so food and drinks are not a problem. There are several restaurants, hotdog stand, cafe, bakery, convenience stores, and even grocery.

Urban House has a Common Guest Kitchen where we can prepare and cook our own food. And because of this, we eat breakfast and dinner at the hostel. This is a big saving for us since the food in Copenhagen Denmark is not cheap.

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This post is not about the Copenhagen Food Tour or Where to Eat in Copenhagen, I will just share the foods and drinks that we have tried while exploring Copenhagen Denmark. This post will give you an idea of how expensive or cheap in Copenhagen, Denmark. Well, I live in the Philippines so for me, Copenhagen food and drink are expensive.

1. Poonchai Thai Restaurant 

We arrived in the hostel past 11AM and check-in time is still 3PM so we left our luggage at the storage locker and ate our lunch at Poonchai Thai Restaurant. This restaurant is just few meters away from Central Train Station and Urban House Copenhagen by Meininger. It was past 12NN but the restaurant was still empty.

The staff immediately ushered us to our table and gave us the menu. They offer soup, appetizers, and main course. Thai cuisine is known for spicy food so I just order Chicken Wings 125DKK. It is deep-fried chicken wings with garlic and pepper, it comes with rice and sweet chili sauce. My son and I enjoyed our chicken.

My mom ordered Chicken Satay 69DKK + Rice 20DKK. Four pieces of chicken skewer marinated in satay curry served with cucumber salad and peanut sauce. My husband ordered Pad Thai 119DKK, a thin ride noodles fried in Pad Thai sauce with tofu, eggs, and vegetables. You can choose your meat; chicken, pork, or beef. My husband chose beef. It served with roasted peanuts.

If you are looking for Asian food you can visit Poonchai Thai restaurant. The food and service are good, they even offer free wifi. There is a note at the receipt “Foreign Card had 3.75% extra fee.

Poonchai Thai Restaurant 
Istedgade 1, 1650 København V
12:00 - 22:00

2. Algade Pizzaria 

After visiting the Viking Ship Museum and Roskilde Cathedral, we had lunch at Algade Pizzaria. We just saw this pizza restaurant on our way back to the train station. The place is not that big, they only have 12 seats. They serve pizza, sandwich, burger, nachos, salad, pasta, omelet, and even grill dishes.

It is a self-service restaurant so you have to order your food, pay and claim your order at the counter. We just ordered 2 pizza with drinks and my mom ordered a sandwich meal with fries and drinks too. Total bill is 191DKK so it is budget-friendly.

Algade Pizzaria 
Algade 25, 4000
Rosnskilde, Denmark
Mon 10-8:30PM
Tue - Sun - 11:00 - 8:30PM

3. Gelato Rajissimo 

While walking in Strøget, we smelled a freshly baked bread so we went to Gelato Rajissimo. Rajissimo is known for gelato or good ice cream but they also offer waffles, churros, milkshakes, and hot coffee. It was cold so we did not order ice cream, we chose The Quella Waffle 55DKK and The Original Churros 58DKK.

They served warm waffle, the waffle is thick and crunchy. My son enjoyed his churros even he just ordered the original one with powdered sugar only. They accept cards and other currency like Euro, Norwegian Kroner and Sweden Krona.

4. Diamond Rice Restaurant

Rice is life so we ate at Diamond Rice Restaurant, it is a Chinese restaurant at Bredgade. We just saw this restaurant while looking for Amalienborg. It was past 1PM already so there were few diners. The restaurant is spacious with nice ambiance.

They offer a lot of meals from appetizer, noodles, dim sim, rice, and main courses. Before ordering, we asked the staff if the meal is good for one or sharing. She said that the food is good for one so we were really surprised when they served our food.

We ordered Deep Fried Chicken Wings 58DKK, Yeung Chow Fried Rice 128DKK, BBQ Pork with Rice 118 DKK, and Beef in Hot Chili Oil 128DKK + Extra Rice. The food serving is big so we were not able to finish our food but we’re glad that we can take it home. The staff gave us plastic storage.

Service is quick and good. The price is budget friendly because of the big serving so it is good if you are going to eat with your family.

Diamond Rice Restaurant 
Bredgade 29, 1260
København, Denmark

5. Langelænder Pølsemandens 

While exploring Copenhagen Denmark, we've seen a lot of hotdog stands everywhere we go. Hotdog is a staple Danish street food so do not leave without buying one. There is Langelænder Pølsemandens just outside the train station, my husband tried this and he really enjoyed it especially the pickles on top. The price ranges from 22DKK to 40DKK, my husband paid 40DKK for one hotdog sandwich, it is PHP300+ if you convert it to our currency.

6. Food Market at Copenhagen Central Station

After checking out at Urban House Copenhagen by Meininger, we went straight to Copenhagen Central Station. It was time for lunch and most of the fast foods are full so we ended up at the Food Market. They serve breakfast rolls, croissants, sandwiches, and burgers.

My mom ordered a burger meal while our family ordered hotdogs. As I’ve said before, my husband likes the Danish hotdog so we want to try it too. So we ordered hotdog sandwiches with drinks at 55DKK so the price is similar to the hotdog stand. The hotdog is not usual because there is a crunch every bite. My son and I enjoyed our hotdog meal, too bad that we’re traveling to Stockholm already so we cannot try it again.

There are bakeries at the train station and near the hostel, so we also buy croissants, bread, and other pastries for our snacks. I did not leave Copenhagen without trying the Cocio, I bought Cocio while cruising at DFDS Crown Seaways and before riding our train to Stockholm.

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