July 09, 2019

Kid’s Simple Tooth Extraction

Last year, my son was complaining about his tooth and when we checked it, parang meron nang sira so I informed the dentist about it. But the dentist told us na “hayaan na lang daw na matanggal kasi baby teeth naman daw and baka masira kasi yung alignment ng teeth”. She also informed us about the sealants.

Dental Sealants 

Dental sealant is a thin, plastic coating painted on the premolars and molars to prevent tooth decay. The sealants can protect the teeth through the cavity-prone years which is 6 to 14 years old. It is a painless process but painful for my pocket, hehehe! We paid PHP800 for each tooth so a total of PHP3200 for his dental sealants.

Few months had passed and my son complained again about his tooth so I just told him that we will go to the dentist pag-uwi namin sa Pinas. So we scheduled an appointment but to my disappointment, the dentist canceled his appointment two days prior to his schedule at may mahaba daw procedure so hindi na niya magagawa yung sa anak ko.

Simple Tooth Extraction 

We don’t want to wait anymore so we just go to other Dental Clinic kahit magbayad na kami. Three years ago was my son’s first tooth extraction experience, we went to a Pediatric Dentist to do the procedure. Mukhang wala naman trauma anak ko, ako lang natrauma sa expense. Lol. Since my son is already 10 years old and I feel na matured na siya so sa regular dentist na lang kami nagpunta for simple tooth extraction. Free sana because of our health card but the dentist rescheduled his appointment so napunta kami sa ibang clinic.

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Simple Tooth Extraction by Pediatric Dentist  

Anyway, a child needs a tooth extraction if 

1. Tooth decay is too extensive for restoration
2. Preparation and space management
3. Baby teeth fail to fall out before permanent come in
4. Removal of chipped or damaged teeth that cannot be repaired

In my son’s case, may butas na daw kaya sumasakit. Ayaw namin mahawa pa yung ibang teeth so tinanggal na talaga. I thought it will only take a few minutes like nung first tooth extraction niya but I was wrong, depende din siguro sa cases. The dentist took a long time din to remove his premolar tooth, she even said na parang hindi baby tooth yung sa anak ko sa tigas. Hehehe!

She also advised me to have an x-ray before my son hit 12 years old, kasi ang dami pa daw baby teeth ng anak ko. Para daw macheck namin kung need tanggalin yung baby teeth para makalabas yung permanent teeth or hayaan na lang. May cases din daw kasi na wala talaga permanent teeth so aalagaan na lang yung baby teeth.

We paid PHP600 for his tooth extraction, mas mura talaga compared sa Pediatric Dentist. Since it was just a simple tooth extraction, no need for an antibiotic. She just informed us to drink paracetamol. She also shared some information on how to take care after extraction or surgery.

Tooth Extraction Aftercare 

1. Apply a cold compress for 20 minutes, 2 to 3 times for the first 24 hours.
2. Take your medicine as prescribed.
3. If pain persists after 3 days, see your dentist.
4. Avoid strenuous activities. No flying or diving for at least two days.
5. Avoid sucking on anything for at least a week.
6. Do not take hot liquids for 24 hours.
7. Do not smoke for 48 hours.
8. Avoid spitting for 24 hours. Wipe your saliva with a tissue.

My son just took a rest for one day and nagkaroon ng reason para kumain ng kumain ng ice cream. The following day nakapag-Landers na nga kami and he can eat regular food na, parang walang nangyari.

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