September 05, 2019

Oh So Healthy Fruit Crisps

Living healthy is indeed a challenge, it is still a struggle for me to have a healthy lifestyle. I can compare it to the season, sometimes I eat healthy foods and sometimes I don’t. When it comes to food, my self-control is really low.

I learned about Oh So Healthy Fruit Crisps while I was browsing a beauty website, I wanted to order but I was hesitant because of the price + shipping fee. Then I learned that it is available at Healthy Options store too kaso hindi naman ko nagagawi ng Healthy Options. Hehehe!

 A few months ago, we went to Landers Superstore and I saw the Oh So Healthy Fruit Crisps and it was on sale. From P89.75 to P79.75 so I bought all the available flavors; Mango Sweet Banana, Purple Yam Banana Coconut and Jackfruit Pineapple Banana.

Oh So Healthy Fruit Crisps are blended mixed fruit with no added sugar, no preservatives, no cholesterol and gluten-free. In addition, it is made without oil or frying so you can enjoy all-natural snacks. I like packaging and colors of the fruit crisps, it also has a zip lock so just in case that you haven’t finished it, you can seal it again.

When I opened the packaging, I was shocked kasi ang konti lang pala ng laman, the photo will give you an idea. As in naloko ko ng packaging. Hehehe! Just like other chips in the market, malaki packaging pero nasa kalahati ang laman. Tapos ang mahal, pero ganun naman yata pag all-natural or organic, ang mahal ng presyo.

Anyway, the fruit crisps are good naman, my personal favorite is the Jackfruit Pineapple Banana variant. My two boys don’t like the fruit crisps so ako lang kumakain. As of this writing, kakaubos ko lang ng last pack. Ganun katagal inabot sa amin ang fruit crisps, one pack per month.

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