September 03, 2019

Birthday Celebration; Happy or Sad

As the years go by, I realized that I’m really getting old because of my life problems, challenges, and struggles in life are no longer simple. It is hard to accept that my son is no longer a baby and few years from now I have a teenager. I can’t stop my white hair from growing and I can’t deny the fact that even I have a skincare routine, my skin is still aging. But I have no problem getting older because as the quote says “Do not regret growing older, it is a privilege denied by many”.

I know that life is short, we don’t when is our time but I always pray that I will live long because I want to grow old with my two boys, I have so many things that I want to do and I have so many places that I want to visit on my travel bucket list.

Speaking of the bucket list, I wanted to travel for my birthday celebration because I have a new motto “Travel before you run out of time”. In addition, we have a long weekend. My son and I have 4 days free so I suggested it to my husband. Unfortunately, my husband doesn’t like the idea because he has an upcoming business trip, instead, he wants us to join his trip to Jakarta, Indonesia.

So I told my son about it but my son doesn’t want to be absent for 3 days. I even told my son, wala naman kayo lessons for that week, cheering practice and competition lang. Remember, we did this 3 years ago, we went to Singapore. My son still said, NO. I cannot persuade my two boys and at that time, I don’t know if I would be happy or sad.

Sad because no one wants to travel with me and few days from now, our passports are about to expire. Happy because my son chose school instead of a trip to Indonesia. At least kahit wala lessons, ayaw niya umabsent and he wants to be part of their cheering competition. Good thing that they won in their Cheers & Yells Competition. Yey! Back to back champ.

Anyway, sulking on my birthday will do no good for me. Even my plans did not materialize, I still have reasons to be happy. I celebrated my birthday in Yurakuen Japanese Restaurant, we had a birthday staycation at Sheraton Manila, and my friends and I had a food trip at TGI Fridays. More details on a separate post.

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