September 14, 2019

Day 4 in Copenhagen Denmark

How I wish, I could extend our vacation in Copenhagen, Denmark because four days are not enough. Sad to say, we could no longer extend our stay because everything was pre-booked already including our train ticket and hotel. And because Day 4 is our last day in Denmark, my companions don’t want to go out anymore.

They prefer to stay in the hotel until our check-out which is 11AM but I don’t want to waste my time waiting at the hotel so I insisted that we should go out. I convinced them that we have enough time to visit Christianborg Palace before our train ride at 12:23NN. Thank God, pinagbigyan na nila ko.

So we had an early breakfast and we stored our luggage at the locker room so just in case, that we could not make it before 11AM for check-out, we won’t pay any extra because our room is already empty.

Again, we just walked from the Urban House by Meininger to Christianborg Palace. We arrived before 9AM so we were freezing cold while waiting outside of the palace door. If you have limited time in Copenhagen, I suggest you go to Christianborg Palace because you can visit several tourist spots in one location. You can visit The Royal Reception Rooms, The Royal Stables, The Royal Kitchen, The Ruins under Christianborg and Christianborg Palace Chapel.

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To save money, don’t forget to buy a Copenhagen Card. We’re thankful that we were able to maximize and saved a lot of money using this card. I’ll share the pros and cons of the Copenhagen Card in a separate post. And because of limited time, we only visited three tourist spots.

Buy Copenhagen Card 

Christianborg Admission Price 

The Ruins: 60.00 DKK
The Royal Reception Rooms: 95.00 DKK
The Royal Stables: 60.00 DKK
The Royal Kitchen: 60.00 DKK
Child: Free
Combined ticket: 160.00 DKK

Christianborg Palace 

Christianborg Palace is not only a palace but a government building too which is located on the tiny island of Slotsholmen in Central Copenhagen, Denmark. It is where you can find the remains of the country’s principal castle of the Middle Ages and the home of three government branches; the Danish Parliament, Danish Prime Minister’s Office and Supreme Court of Denmark. It is the only building in the world that contains the 3 supreme powers of government; executive power, legislative power, and the judicial power.

Christianborg Palace is owned by the Danish government, some parts of the palace are still being used by the Danish Royal Family for their events and functions like the Royal Receptions Rooms, The Tower Room, The Oval Throne Room, The Palace Chapel, and the Royal Stables. Some parts are open to the public.

Christianborg - The Royal Reception Rooms 

At exactly 9AM, they opened the Royal Reception Rooms. There is a free guided tour that you can join, don't forget to check the schedule. But during our visit, no English Tour Guide at 9AM so we just explored the palace on our own. I just showed our Copenhagen Card and the staff advised us to wear shoe covers before exploring the place. We’re the first guests so we had the palace to ourselves, no photobomber.

We’ve been to Rosenborg Castle, Amalienborg Palace but Christianborg Palace is my favorite. The place is well-preserved, well-decorated and looks elegant. Every corner of the palace is very stunning. I was glad that we were able to visit Christianborg Palace before going to Stockholm.

We took our time in exploring Throne Room, The Great Hall, The Dining Hall, and the Library. As I mentioned before, some parts of the palace are still being used by the Queen like the majestic hall and other rooms for their state dinners, banquets, and other royal ceremonies. So it is a great feeling that ordinary people like me can enter this palace. Don’t’ forget to check the unique tapestries at the Great Hall which illustrates the History of Denmark and the world for the past 1000 years.

While waiting for 10AM, we bought some souvenirs at The Palace Shop and off we went to the Ruins for our next tour.

The Ruins under Christianborg

Under the new Christianborg Palace is the ruins of two principal castles that were built in the same location. The Absalon’s Castle that was built in the 11th century, you can still see the remaining wall. And that same wall protected the castle from Wend pirates. The second ruin is Copenhagen Castle that was built in 1369 but it was torn down and they built a new one. Another ruin is the foundation of the Blue Tower where King Christian’s favorite daughter, Leonora Christine, political prisoners, soldiers, and other criminals were held captive.

The Christianborg Ruins highlights the more than 800-year-old underground history of the palace as a medieval castle, royal residence, political and cultural center. We did not stay that long in this place because it is dark and the smell is not nice so it is kinda creepy to explore.

Christianborg - The Royal Kitchen

Beneath the Christianborg Palace is the Royal Kitchen which was built and completed in 1928. This kitchen was used for preparing food for royal parties and celebrations in the Great Hall. The Royal Kitchen is equipped and furnished and they have one of the largest collections of copperware in Europe. See, smell and feel what happened during the King Christian’s Silver Jubilee gala dinner last May 15, 1937. See the menu below.

1. Soup Ambassadeur
2. Filet of Sole a la Nantua
3. Tenderloin Bouquetiere
4. Chicken Parisienne
5. Ice Cream Royale
6. Dessert

Our Day 4 in Copenhagen, Denmark was short but it is one of the highlights of our trip and I’m glad that I really pushed this itinerary. After our Royal Kitchen Tour, we immediately went back to our hotel to pick up our luggage, check-out and off to Copenhagen Central Train Station. We had a quick lunch at Food Market before riding the SJ train to Stockholm Sweden.

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