March 05, 2020

A Busy Day in Makati

It is already March and I’m not yet done with my holiday post and my Scandinavian trip series but slowly I’m getting there. Hehehe! Last December, we didn’t have travel trips but life was still so busy because we had so many things to do and buy. Since we were on a holiday break, my son and I went with my husband to Makati.

Insurance Company 

My husband needs to go to his office and while he was working. My son and I went to my insurance company so I can submit my documents needed for my Living Cash Benefits. I bought my memorial plan when I started working and now I am claiming the benefits because I’m still alive and kicking.


My son and I went to Philcare clinic for a check-up, my son has colds and I have a dry cough. The doctor did not give me medicine, he just advised me to buy strepsils max and surprisingly, gumaling naman dry cough ko after few days.

Pag-ibig Office 

It’s more than a decade already since we bought our house but it is not fully-paid yet because we chose 30 years payment plan. We chose that because we know that it is the only amount that we can pay every month. At that time, I just resigned from my job and we were living in a single income but we took a risk and bought a house.

Then last year, I computed everything and I was so shocked sa total kasi lagpas na siya sa total ng housing loan namin so it means I’m just paying for the interest na lang. And because of that, we went to Pag-ibig office so we can apply for repricing so now, mas maliit na yung monthly amortization namin.

The Pag-ibig staff informed us “bawasan niyo po ang principal para mabilis kayo matapos.” so that is why we went back to Pag-ibig office para magbawas sa principal and hopefully we can finish our housing loan soon. How I wish, dati ko pa siya ginawa parang nasanay na kasi ko na kasama siya sa monthly bills namin. Dapat pala ang goal ko, mawala siya sa monthly expense namin. 

Yi Fang Tea 

On our way to Pag-ibig Office, we saw Yi Fang Tea store and wala tao so we took advantage of it. When I saw Yi Fang Tea Store in BGC, mahaba pila so tinamad ako pumila. Since this was our first time, I just ordered kung ano yung una sa menu, the Yi Fang Signature Fruit Tea PHP140. It is a blend of fresh fruits and mountain tea, hindi lang namin type is may buto ko na naiinom but the taste is good.

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Funny story, after ordering, the staff asked me about sugar level and ice level, napatulala ko ng slight kasi hindi ko alam ang choices. Napaghahalata na first-timer ako, hehehe! I chose 80% Sugar Level and Less Ice. If first timer ka rin, ito yung mga choices just in case hindi mo siya mahanap agad sa menu and para alam mo na agad issasagot mo sa staff. You also have the option to choose hot drink or add some jelly or pearl for an extra fee.


Aiyu Jelly: PHP25
Grass Jelly: PHP25
Pearl: P15

Sugar Level: 100 / 80 / 50 / 30 /0
Ice Level: Normal Ice/ Less Ice / No Ice
Hot Drink: add PHP15

Lunch at Kanin Club 

After our Pag-ibig office visit, we had an early lunch at Kanin Club. It’s been years since our last visit and I’m missing their crispy dinuguan. It was past 11AM so the restaurant was not crowded yet. We ordered Crispy Dinuguan, Bistek Tagalog and Rice. Kanin Club is one of our favorite restaurants if we want to eat Filipino dishes, check below my food review.

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Imarflex Outlet

I’ve been meaning to buy an air purifier at home but the price is too expensive for my budget. Hindi lang naman kasi siya one time buy lang, you have to maintain it pa because you need to buy a filter. There is a brand na napagtanungan namin and P10K ang filter niya so ang bigat sa bulsa kung every year di ba.

Fortunately, my husband found an affordable air purifier so we dropped by at Imarflex Outlet in Makati. We bought one big PHP6700 and one small air purifier PHP2500 for our home. This air purifier helped a lot lalo na nung hindi kami nagbubukas ng windows during Taal Volcano eruption.


Last year, while I was browsing my Instagram feeds I discovered Kurin Water and because of that nacurious ako at hinanap ko talaga siya. I bought one for me and for my siblings so they can try it too. As of this writing, I bought my second bottle of Kurin na and next time I will buy online na lang, wala kasi refill sa Sesou store.

After that, we went home na, sobrang nakakapagod na araw and I even checked my health app. Naka-16,456 steps ako and 11.75km lang naman ang nilakad ko. Waah!

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