March 27, 2020

Dinner at Texas Roadhouse at Robinsons Manila

Day 13 of Community Quarantine and the last time I went to the supermarket was 17 days ago. We wanted to go to the grocery and pharmacy to restock but we were hesitant because the line was so long and the things that we wanted to buy are out of stock like fresh milk and vitamins.

I asked friends who already went to the supermarket and they took more than 4 hours just to finish. I’ve read that some people went to the supermarket as early as 7AM just to fall in line and went home past 1PM. Waah! So we really try our best to stretch our stock because we don’t know when we can go back to the grocery.

Anyway, while browsing my phone photos, nagutom ko bigla sa complimentary dinner roll of Texas Roadhouse. We dined here during our Staycation at Sheraton Manila Bay last January, which I haven’t blogged yet but you can watch the video here. This is one thing that I like in this restaurant, the free peanuts and dinner rolls.

Watch Staycation at Sheraton Manila Video 
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It’s been 3 years since the last time that we ate here so we took our time browsing the menu. I ordered something but it was not available and the staff suggested Beef Ranchero P645 + SC but I did not agree because looking at the picture, for sure hindi ko siya makakain. Since hubby was still full, we just ordered Grilled 2 Chops P695 + SC and Mini Cheeseburger P325 + SC.

When they served the meals, we were surprised because they served the Beef Ranchero because as far as we know, we did not order it. The staff suggested it but we did not say yes so we informed the server about it. I tried my best to remember kung nirepeat ba niya yung order namin before he left. The server excused himself and went to the kitchen and when he went back, he told us that he will just remove the Beef Ranchero but my husband decided na huwag na lang alisin. Maybe the waitstaff who took our order is still new, baka hindi pa maregular.

Texas Roadhouse meals are not budget-friendly but they have big servings so you can really share food. My husband and I planned to share food because naka-2 servings din kami ng dinner roll while waiting for our order pero dahil nagkamali yung staff, ang hirap ubusin ng order namin so pinatake-out na lang namin leftover.

Beef Ranchero is a slow-cooked beef seasoned with their own spices, topped with Monterey jack cheese, cheddar cheese, ranchero sauce, and pico de gallo served over a bed of rice. My husband tried to finish his meal even he did not like it. The taste was not bad but it is not something that he will order again.

Mini Cheeseburger is from the Kids Ranger Meals. The meal has two small cheeseburgers with seasoned steak fries. My son enjoyed his burger. The Grilled Chops meal has garlic rice, peppercorn sauce, vegetables, and garlic rice. The taste is good but I was not able to finish this meal because the serving is too big.

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Foodtrip at Texas Roadhouse at Austin, Texas, USA

As of this writing, I miss our food tripping so for sure after ng coronavirus health scare, mapapabuffet ako agad. hehehe!

Texas Roadhouse
Level 2, Midtown Wing
Robinsons Place Manila
Pedro Gil, cor. Adriatico St,
Ermita, Manila

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