April 01, 2020

Hello April

Hello April!  Life is full of uncertainties and who would ever think that year 2020 would be like this. March flew by so fast and April is here but we're still staying at home.

I am not sure when the community quarantine will end. I hope soon! To keep me sane, I cut down on my social media time to limit myself from reading or watching covid19 updates.

So what happened?

18 - today is Day 18 of Community Quarantine in our country.
22 - I've been staying at home for 22 days already and would you believe that I haven't stepped out even outside our gate.
3 - when community quarantine started, I subscribed to Netflix and so far I've finished watching 3 Korean Dramas. I watched Hyde, Jekyll Me, Itaewon Class and Marriage Contract. You can check my Korean Drama Series List here.
2 - I've created 2 mood boards. I've been meaning to do this for a very long time but finally, I've updated my own mood board
29 - the number of classes that I took at Brit + Co site and you can still take their free classes until April 9, 2020. Yey!
110 - number of Pinterest Graphics that I’ve designed. 
40 - number of cupcakes that I have baked
5 - my 5 days trip to Taiwan was canceled
4 - notebooks that I upcycled

And the list goes on… just keeping myself busy so I don’t have time to think about the pandemic. How are you coping?

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