April 19, 2020

Day Trip to Caleruega Church

We’re on Day 35 of Community Quarantine and for the past few weeks, I tried to keep myself busy. Even though I’m preoccupied with other things, I can’t deny the fact that I’m missing the old times. I love sharing about our travel trips and food trips but I’m not sure if it is okay to post it during the quarantine. But after contemplating, I guess it is the right time to reminisce and relive my past travel and food trips to reduce my travel depression.

And because it is Sunday, let us start with our Caleruega trip last December. Caleruega has been part of our annual trips because it is my husband’s tradition or should I say “panata”, so we always visit this every Holy Week. Though there are a few times that we were not able to visit this during Holy Week because we were in Norway. We’re visiting Caleruega since 2008 and during that time, my son was still inside my uterus and now he is already tween.

How time flies, I can still remember that we did not celebrate our second wedding anniversary because I’ve been on bed rest since the first week of February. I was really bored at home so my husband decided to visit Caleruega. Though I am not Catholic I’ve been meaning to visit this place since I was in high school because I know that the place is really beautiful and relaxing. This was my first travel after bed rest so I was really excited.

It’s quite traffic because it was Holy Thursday so it took us more than two hours just to get there. Good thing that we brought some food so we’re eating on our way to Caleruega church. There were a lot of people so parking was really difficult and mahabang lakaran papunta sa church. After our first visit, I understand why people always visit this church.

You can never get tired of this place; it is very relaxing and refreshing so it is not surprising anymore if couples want this as their wedding venue, schools choose this for their retreat and people love to visit this during holy week. We’ve attended a wedding here, my husband’s had their retreat when he was in High School and we are one of those people who visit Caleruega every Holy Week.

For the past 12 years, we’ve visited this place as a family or together with my in-laws and friends. Unfortunately, because of community quarantine, we failed to visit this last Holy Week. Good thing, we went here last December after our buffet breakfast at Balay Dako. We did not stay long sa church kasi may ikakasal so busy sila sa pag-aayos. There were few changes na rin, nalipat na nila yung station of the cross. Ang hindi lang nabago is, may entrance fee pa rin sila, hehehe! This is the only church na pinupuntahan namin na may bayad. Nakailang flyers na rin ako and sharing with you some information about Caleruega. (from flyer)

About Caleruega 

Caleruega was named after the birthplace of St. Dominic de Guzman, father of Order of Preachers. Wishing to honor and remember the legacy of their founder, he Filipino Dominicans established Caleruega with the hopes that it will, like the town of Caleruega in Spain, be a birthplace - a genesis for people speaking to and for the Divine Creator.

Silence, solitude, harmony, the majesty of creation, the freedom of Light and the passion to share God's word - this is Caleruega: the seedbed of preachers, the cornerstone of spiritual inspiration. Come, walk in His presence.

Caleruega celebrates the priceless gift of life and its Giver. Here, the lost soul finds direction; the weary traveler is shown the Way. every tree, flower, and brick is a testament to God's splendor and power.

Caleruega speaks through signs and symbols. It is a haven, a home, a sanctuary amidst the beauty of nature where pilgrims are open to prayer, to creative transformation, and to Gospel values.

Caleruega is really huge, you can stay here all day if you want to explore the place.

Relaxing and Refreshing Spots  

Plaza de Aza’s open space and roof deck
Tuktok and its charming gazebos
Garden Cafe’s refreshing delights
The plant nursery’s seedlings for sale
Lettuce greenhouse’s freshest greens
Shop of Delight for Caleruega mementos
Japanese Garden Cenaculum (refectory)
Kampo Restrooms

Must-see sights  

Transfiguration Chapel
Tent chapel of transfiguration
Fountain compass
The Dominicum’s grand stairway
St. Dominic’s Point
Manaoag Drive via Crusis
Our Lady of the Holy Rosary
Thy will be Done Sculpture
Koi Pond and its walkways
Hanging Bridge and Kampo Arriba
Kampo Terraces and Ampitheater
Worm Farm/Compost production

There are halls and accommodations for those people who wanted to stay and have retreats and recollection, team buildings, renewal workshops, wedding, and reception.

How to get to Caleruega:  

It is not difficult to reach Caleruega if you have your own vehicle.  You can follow this direction or just use a mobile app for your guide.

- from Tagaytay Rotonda turn right and take the National road going to Nasugbu, Batangas
- you will pass Taal Vista hotel, Royal Tagaytay and Petron Station.
- turn left in Evercrest Golf Club.
- then follow the signs going to Caleruega.

For commuters, you need to ride a bus going to Nasugbu and ride a tricycle to reach the Caleruega. Get the number of the trike so he can pick you up sa uwian. (narinig ko lang ito sa group of teenagers nung pauwi na kami, itext na daw nila yung trike driver para sunduin na sila).

If you are strong, you can walk from Evercrest Golf Club up to Caleruega, but it is really a long walk.

Caleruega Fees

Parking fee: P40
Entrance fee: P30
7 Years old below: Free of Charge
Senior and PWD: 20% discount

Though may free parking but slots are very limited, never pa kami nakapagpark sa free.

House of St. Mary Magdalene
Batulao, Nasugbu, Batangas

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