April 16, 2020

Day 32 of Community Quarantine

Wow, we’re already on Day 32 of community quarantine. How are you really doing in these crazy times? I hope you are coping and holding up well. I remember my mom asked me, how I am coping? I paused for a while and try reflecting if quarantine has a big effect on my life. Now I can say that I’m pretty okay even there is community quarantine.

It is not easy to be okay in these trying times but it is better to embrace the situation and don’t fight it anymore. Stop blaming, start helping and change your mindset and attention. It took me a long time to process everything because at first, I was really disappointed. How I wish there is a fast forward button because I feel that year 2020 is not a good year.

Why not a good year? I lost my father, we experienced Taal Volcano Ashfall, my first JUNK (Just Us No Kids) trip with my sister and friend in Taiwan was canceled and my family was supposed to go to Osaka, Japan this summer. I guess no travel trip this year. Huhuhu We’re still waiting for our Taiwan ticket refund and good thing that we got a Japan Multiple Visa so at least hindi nasayang. Hopefully, magamit pa rin after the suspension of Japan Visa.

“Even when we can’t control the situation around us, we always can choose where we’re directing our attention” - Liz Stanley, PHD 

What helped me to cope? I stayed away from news and Facebook newsfeed so it won’t scare me. I even subscribed to Netflix because I thought I would be bored to death and I did not expect that I would be busy. I already canceled my subscription because I have no time to watch naman. Sayang yung bayad ko if I cannot maximize it. Back to VIU na lang ulit ako for my Korean Drama fix.

I keep myself busy and enrolled in different online classes. Brit+Co offered free classes last March and I was able to finish 48 classes. Actually, ang dami pa free online classes kaso nagstick na lang ko sa Brit + Co. Information overload but I’m thankful for the new knowledge and skills that I’ve learned. I enrolled in TESDA course but I haven’t started yet, pinapahinga ko muna utak ko. I also accepted some part-time jobs last week, imagine I was working during Holy Week. If walang quarantine, for sure nasa layasan ako at hindi nagwowork. Hehehe!

“Look for reasons to be grateful - even when you’re struggling. Taking time to give thanks for even the smallest blessings can help you appreciate the good things in life” - Amit Sood, M.D. 

There are so many things that I should be thankful for, small or big things.

1. I’m glad that I’m used to being at home. I’m an introvert and I’m a full-time mom so I can stay at home for a very long time. This helps me a lot because there is no big adjustment in my routine.
2. I’m happy that I have no problem even my husband is in charge of wet market and supermarket duties. Siya naman talaga namamalengke, ever since ng kinasal kami kasi mabigat para sa akin ang magbuhat ng one-week menu. Medyo sablay lang sa grocery kasi ang dami binibili and hindi nagcocompare ng prices. Buy lang ng buy kahit mahal. Well, hayaan na lang, siya naman ang provider. Hehehe!
3. I’m thankful that my husband can work from home and for 14 years of marriage, ito na ang pinakamatagal namin na magkasama. We’ve been together 24/7 and no business trips.
4. I’m grateful that we can buy enough food supply so my husband doesn’t need to go out every week. We tried our best to stay at home and stretch our food supply for up to two weeks.
5. I’m thankful that I did not allow covid19 to take over my life.

I’m praying that COVID19 will end soon and life would be normal again. Even I feel okay, I miss our food trip, I miss going to the grocery, I miss summer vacation trip and lastly, I need to go back to my doctors, ang dami ko nacancel na labtest and check-up.

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