January 07, 2020

Holiday 2019

Happy New Year! Welcome year 2020 and new decade. I’m enjoying the holiday break and until now; my body, mind, and soul are still on holiday mood. The Christmas vacation flies so fast and I feel that two weeks are not enough to finish my to-do list but I’m hoping that I can finish everything before the end of January. I was checking my blog and my last post is December 11, 2019 (not including the guest post). Waah!

I was missing in action for so long but that is okay because it means I’m enjoying my offline life. December is always a busy month and I intentionally took a break from my blog so I can devote my time with my family. I’m thankful for my scheduled post because my social media looks updated. So what happened last month, we finished some errands, ate a lot and had a hotel staycation. If we're just home, we're busy decluttering and cleaning our home.

December 19 

Last day of my son’s exam so we went to Landers and Landmark for our holiday groceries, bago pa maging crowded ang supermarket. We bought some last-minute Christmas gifts.

December 20 

We paid bills, went to the bank and wrap gifts. My son Christmas party so we picked him up and we went to Southwoods Mall. We had lunch at Romantic Baboy, it was our first-time experience. It was also my graduation day or should I say the last day of my online class. Yey!

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December 21 

We’re busy buying gifts for other people but we forgot na wala pa kami gifts sa aming family of three. So we went to Southmall and Festival Mall to look and buy gifts. We had lunch at Zubuchon.

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December 22 

Start of my decluttering, I’m cleaning one room at a time para kahit papano makita ang improvement. I scheduled posts for my social media and prepared for our Christmas Party Get Together with my mommy friends.

December 23 

My grandmother-in-law was in Laguna for vacation so pinasyal namin siya sa Tagaytay and Caleruega. We had a buffet breakfast at Balay Dako and we went to Caleruega and Sonya’s Garden. We dropped by at the bank for last-minute banking transactions.

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Day Trip in Caleruega


December 24 

It was our annual Christmas get together with my husband’s family. I cooked sausage and baked spaghetti, toasted garlic bread, and bought Contis Pistachio cake for our potluck. It was also the first time na hindi na namin kasama sister-in-law ko who passed away last August 2019. We always have Christmas picture every year but during that time, wala kami picture. Nakalimutan or wala sa mood?

December 25 

We went to Tagaytay to attend 7AM mass and we had a buffet breakfast at Discovery Country Suites. It was past 8AM and sobrang traffic na sa Tagaytay, good thing umabot pa kami sa breakfast sa Verbena. After eating we went home na because I’m not feeling well so I just took a rest. Thank God for Christmas leftover foods, hindi na kelangan magluto pa.

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December 26

I got a mail a few months ago that I can already claim my Living Cash Benefits so I was preparing my documents so I can submit it already. I was only 22 when I bought my Memorial Plan and because I’m still alive, I can enjoy the Living Cash Benefits.

December 27 

We submitted my documents at the insurance company, we had a check-up due to dry cough and colds. Finally, my husband bought an Air Purifier. I’ve been meaning to buy Air Purifier but it is so expensive, good thing my husband saw Imarflex Air Purifier so we bought one small for our room and one big for our living room.

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December 28 

Off we went to Valenzuela to deliver and pick-up my gifts from my siblings.

December 29 

My sister and I were busy planning for our trip and finally, we bought our plane ticket. I’m happy and excited because that would be my first JUNK trip or solo travel without my two boys.

December 31 

If last year, we were in Batanes to celebrate New Year. This year we just celebrate New Year’s Eve at home. For our family of three, we had a roast lechon belly, lengua estofado, baked spaghetti, ube halaya, cassava cake, cake, and fruits.

January 2 

We went to Indang Cavite because my husband wanted to plant dragon fruit, I hope mabuhay yung dragon fruit sa bahay. Hehehe! We had lunch at Cafe Voi La.

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January 4 to 5 

 At last, bago pa mag back to school and work, we had a staycation at Sheraton Manila Bay. It was a last-minute booking and I will share our experience in a separate post.

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Now back to reality, my two boys are now back to school and work.

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