April 23, 2021

Flavors of the Philippines

After our canceled beach getaway last February, I already accepted the fact that year 2021 is the same as the year 2020; no travel trips again. Though I miss traveling, I don’t want to waste my energy on the things that I can’t do, instead, I shifted my focus on the things that I can do even I am stuck at home. International or domestic travel is unachievable but I can still explore the world through food tripping, 

Thanks to online shopping, almost everything is possible. In my previous post, I shared about How to Stop Stress Eating When You’re Stuck at Home because for the past few months I’ve been buying and eating a lot of foods. Blame it for being trapped inside our home. Pandemic weight gain is real and it is hard to control. Anyway, let me share the different foods that I’ve ordered for the past few months as I explore the flavors of the Philippines. 

1. Sans Rival Cakes and Pastries

For the longest time, I’ve been meaning to try the silvanas and sans rival cake of Sans Rival Cake House and Bistro in Dumaguete but I never been to Dumaguete and no plans in the near future yet. So I’m thankful to my friend who asked me kung gusto ko magpasabuy. And because of this, I learned that these goodies are already available in Metro Manila so I don’t need to go to Dumaguete anymore. 

2. Halo-Halo 

Halo-halo is the famous cold dessert in the Philippines, especially during summer vacation. This dessert is a little bit expensive if you will order this in the restaurant so to save money, I just ordered my favorite halo-halo ingredients so we can make our own halo-halo na hindi tinipid sa ingredients. Unlimited din, ang kulang lang dito is leche flan. 

3. Fresh Pili Nuts 

Last month, I was so happy because my dentist advised me na mga 2 or 3 months na lang pwede na niya alisin braces ko. I was expecting that it will take 2 years or more pa nga because there are months na hindi ako nakapunta because of the pandemic. And because of that, I was browsing for nuts and seeds, I tried my best to avoid eating nuts and seeds kasi nga baka masira braces ko, though sometimes I eat pero konti lang. Hehehe! 

While browsing, I found a store that sells fresh pili nuts, as in may shell pa siya so I immediately added this to my cart. This is the usual pasalubong of my late grandmother whenever she went to Bicol and ang tagal ko ng hindi nakakakain nito so I bought 3 kilos of pili para sulit na rin sa shipping fee. Actually, I waited for FREE shipping voucher para makaless sa bayad. 

When I received my order, nagpukpok agad ako, ganun ako kaexcited. As of this writing, napukpok ko na sila lahat and I still have one jar of pili nut na kelangan tipirin. Hehehe! 

4. Good Shepherd Ube Jam 

Good Shepherd Purple Yam is our favorite ube jam, thanks to late Sister Fidelis Atienza for creating this famous Baguio City Delicacy. Our Baguio trip is not complete without going to Good Shepherd Convent. Our last visit to Baguio was three years ago already so ang tagal na nung last kain ko ng ube. So I felt happy when I learned that I can buy this also online, yung price niya 3 years ago was PHP210. I don't know what is the present price pero feeling ko mahal pa rin yung nakikita ko online.  

But we are craving for ube jam so pikit-mata na lang sa presyo, tipid pa rin naman kasi mahal din pamasahe paBaguio. Thankful for the FREE PHP100 shipping fee and PHP100 grocery voucher so laki din ng natipid ko. I added peanut brittle and peanut butter para sulit ang shipping. 

5. Sagada Coffee 

I’m not a coffee drinker but my husband loves to drink coffee. He always buys his own coffee and tried different stores na rin na nagsell ng Sagada Coffee. I noticed that he no longer has a stock of coffee and he can’t visit the coffee store kung saan siya bumili last time because of ECQ so when I saw this online store, napabili na rin ako. 

I ordered Sagada Medium Roast Coffee (Medium Grind) and Sagada Dark Roast Coffee (Medium Grind). What nice about this store, you can choose whole beans, coarse grind, medium grind and fine grind tapos same pa rin price. Available in 250g, 500g, 750g and 1kg. 

For now, I find comfort in buying my favorite foods online, sana lang lagi may free shipping and discount. :)

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